November 30, 2013


We’re tucked into our lovely cottage this Thanksgiving weekend. No shopping madness for us! Taking advantage of a quiet and restful weekend, I decided to begin an easy craft project.

I soon discovered that it wasn’t easy enough for me! I think all of my crafting skills have departed from lack of use over the past couple of years. The old adage is correct: use it or lose it.

After completing the painting step, I discovered this -

Oops! I’m now spray-painting the other side.

P.S. I hope that all of my blogging friends and readers had a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration!  We did!


  1. Hahahahaha, Donna, that is too funny. I am not that crafty. I love doing blog designs and buying fun style items from thrift shops. That is as far as my creativity takes me. On occasion I will dabble in a craft but I have to know 'at the get go' that I can do it, first. Otherwise, I'll stick to tying scarves. lol

  2. Hope you are enjoying your nice quiet Thanksgiving weekend Donna.
    And that you get to get back into your craft. It is always fun!
    Thanks for popping over to visit!

  3. So glad to hear that you and Mr. Jim had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We did too!

    Your "oops" makes me smile...mostly because I can imagine myself doing the same thing. :D

  4. Oh the things I have done in the name of crafting! LOL! Glad that you and Jim had a good Thanksgiving. We sure did!

  5. LOL, that looks like something I would do.

  6. Yes I believe in use it or lose it!

  7. Too funny. But at least you can turn it over! A quiet weekend at home sounds lovely.

  8. Oops! Sometimes mistakes lead to more creative ideas and fixes. Hope you were able to fix it.

  9. Ha! Funny!
    Love your new banner. Very pretty!

  10. Well it was an easy fix at least. LOL!
    I didn't go to any sales this year but I did dive right into Christmas decorating so I can't say that I've really relaxed yet. *smile*

  11. I learned early when I started crafting cards that if you have an oops on one side, turn it over because the mistake will be glued down and no one will see it. :-)
    Love the wintry new look to your blog lovely lady, and the angel has a sweet face.
    Wishing you a happy first Sunday of advent.

  12. Looks like something I would do.

  13. Baaaahahaha I agree with Jeanne: that's totally something I would do. I'm glad you had a restful weekend. Ours was full of drama although none of it to do with shopping! ~sigh~


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