November 27, 2013

Photo of the Week - Turkey Time

Cades Cove, Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Tennessee

This past April, we got early one morning and drove over to Cades Cove as dawn was breaking. We even packed a delicious picnic lunch for our jaunt! It is so restful to meander through the Cove, stopping every now and then for a photo shoot.

At the Primitive Baptist Church, I had my camera on a tripod to take to take some HDR photos of the church building. While Mr. Jim was checking out the various gravestones, a flock of turkeys momentarily came out of the woods near him. I quickly disengaged my camera from the tripod, changed the settings, and tiptoed over to the area. I had just enough time to get off one good shot before the flock scattered back into the woods, gobbling all the way.


  1. We love Cades Cove and I took a picture of Brad behind the pulpit in that church. LOL! We found Wilson's in the graveyard and of course it always makes you wonder, what if?
    Love the picture even if they are some of the ugliest birds on the planet. Or are they from this planet? LOL!
    Have a Happy Thanksgiving my friend.

  2. Could have been field to table freshness! ;-)

  3. Run turkeys RUN!!! I love spending time at Cade's Cove...there's always so much wildlife. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your sweet hubby! Enjoy your day! Sweet hugs!

  4. I hope he is still around on Friday.
    I do love Cades Cove. It's like going back in time and the hike to Abrams Falls is amazing.
    I learned how to bake a cake on a campfire there. They had a campfire cooking class.

  5. They sure are skittish around cameras!
    Have a blessed Thanksgiving...

  6. Awwww...I love this shot Donna!
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and Jim and Marty!!!

  7. You're lucky to get the shot before they ran away!
    Have a good Thanksgiving, Donna!

  8. The lucky one that got away.

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving Donna :)
    Tell Jim I wish him well.

  9. A beautiful shot of a not so beautiful bird. It's a good thing that their looks are not in direct proportion to their

  10. A little girl from a school nearby was interviewed on TV about how to cook a turkey. I thought her advice was pretty good - you don't want to eat the 'gobble', that thing that hangs down from his face! This guy looks pretty good - no gobble there! Great photo!

  11. Now that is a fantastic shot! I can almost hear the gobble. Nothing much more beautiful and peaceful and wonder-ful than the Cove.

  12. wow! that's an incredible photograph, very well done!


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