November 25, 2013

Wacky Gift Suggestions - Part 2

Are you ready for some more wacky gift ideas to add to your Christmas shopping list?  Okay, here goes!

If you get the kids these wearable play balls, be sure to videotape the action for later blackmail material.

Wiper glasses sure do make a fashion statement.  But please note that they are (curiously) not intended for use in the rain.

For the donut lover in the family, these scented pencils would be a great stocking stuffer item.  Sniff away because there are no calories!

And what self-respecting photographer wouldn’t love a travel mug that looks like a camera lens?

Some people at social gatherings just love to talk with their hands.  So why not give them a wine glass holder that slips around their neck?  Unfortunately, this gift wouldn’t be suitable for most women.

Need an idea for a brother-in-law who thinks he’s hot stuff?  Get him some blond "locks of love" to remove all doubt.

Do you know a teenager who does an eye roll every time an adult tries to talks to them?  Give them this clock so that they get a taste of their own medicine.

And there’s one last item on the suggestion list!  This ostrich pillow would be perfect for the sleepy introvert in your life.  I bet if they used it on an airplane flight, any nearby passengers would be asking for a seat reassignment.

So there you go!  I’ve given you lots of ideas on how to waste spend your Christmas money for the special people in your life.  Forget the old-standbys of a chia pet or a clapper, purchased at the corner drug store on Christmas Eve.  You’ve got alternatives!

Happy shopping!


  1. LOL Those are great! I can totally picture you with the camera lens travel mug, too!

  2. Yup I think my husband would want the pencils, and I could see using the wiper glasses in the shower, I'm missing so much of that hair on my legs, 'cause I can't see it.

  3. ....still laughing! If Bob is gifted with the "Widowmaker' I'm outta here.............and if I get the ostrich pillow I'm wondering how the heck you get in and out of that thing in coach! Hey I'll get one for Paula - she only files Business/First and loves flatbeds! Noted they cannot be washed OR dry cleaned so would have to pass on the red wine!!!!

    These are great funny finds......thanks for sharing dear.
    Take care in the chilly weather - I hope Mr. Jim finds a nice jacket.

    Hugs - Mary

  4. Only in America. lol Our son always slept with his blankets over his head, so I think he should have invented the ostrich pillow. I've seen the camera lens travel mug. Isn't that the coolest thing!

  5. I would not trust that wine glass holder. hahahaha But I love the 'grommet' I would love that thing. I ALWAYS have to have socks on when I go to sleep but some where in the night I yank them off. Thanks for the well wishes and YOU have a great Thanksgiving, Donna!

  6. i gotta say, the lens mug is pretty darn cool. :)

  7. Ostrich pillow?? Hahaaaa....What happens if someone tries to rob them??Hahaaa
    These are cute Miz Donna!!

  8. Who thinks up all these things? Fun and very WACKY. My favorite is the ostrich pillow.

  9. You know, I am very tempted by at least two of those! LOL!

  10. Those wiper glasses look like handcuffs to me. Baaahahaha and I have wanted one of those camera lens mugs for a long time. But I do believe an ostrich pillow is what several people in my family need. Thanks for the ideas, luv.

  11. being a baker I could use those donut scented pencils and i like the lens mug. Those locks of love are seriously


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