January 8, 2014

Photo of the Week - It's Cold Enough for a Polar Bear!

Churchill, Manitoba, Canada

It seems that the majority of the U.S. right now is enduring a deep freeze right now. So I thought a new polar bear photo would be timely! Frigid weather doesn’t bother an old bear like this one, but he’s got a terrific fur coat. Our Tennessee area hit a new record low temperature yesterday of 2 degrees F. The previous record for the date was 6 degrees F in 1970.

There’s no global warming here, LOL!


  1. Brrrisk and invigorating, no?

  2. I'd like that winter coat he has right about now. Sheesh! Florida broke the record for lows the other day too. My hands are freezing as I type. LOL!

  3. As a Canadian used to the cold and snow I'd like to say this is lovely weather but I won't because I too am freezing. Some days I have so many layers on it's hard to walk. :-)
    Stay warm!

  4. Almost looks like he's posing! Stat warm! Looks like you got a little taste of Michigan weather!

  5. A timely (and gorgeous!) photo indeed! :)

  6. You need a winter coat like he's wearing! Stay warm!!!

  7. The temps plus the wind chill are doing me in! I had to walk through a wide open parking lot last night and I thought I might actually freeze to death before I got to my car. My scalp even hurt (and I have a lot of hair) Lol

  8. I'm with Judith, I can hardly walk with all that I have to wear. Not to mention the sheet of ice that seems to have covered our world. It sure looks pretty though. I must get out there and take some photos. Great photo, he's gorgeous.

  9. Brrrr. Your temps are way colder than ours. The polar bear seems to like the chilly weather!

  10. Love the polar bear.... They might be happy here this week!!!! ha ha ... Our temp on the deck here yesterday morning was MINUS 10.... Gads! Luckily, it's above freezing today!!!! Maybe some of that 2 inch snowfall will melt.... ha


  11. It felt like the polar region here the last couple days. I'm surprised I didn't see any polar bears walking around. Awesome picture

  12. Great photo! I'm glad I didn't see it yesterday; was freezing my buns off and that would have ticked me off. Just kidding, but it has been COLD here too!! :)


  13. Brrr Donna!
    Who would've thought it could get that cold there?
    I never tire of your Polar Bear photos.

  14. I have been hibernating as much as possible during this frigid weather. Hope it warms up soon for us all.

  15. It's freezing here, too! It was below zero in Kentucky and that almost never happens. :)

    Happy day to you!

  16. Yeah, the environ-mentally challenged don't know what to do with this thing, so they alternate between calling it the end of the world and telling us we're all stupid for bringing up the word "warming." Meanwhile it's going to be nearly 70 degrees here tomorrow. BTW I thought the polar bears were extinct, or nearly? That we'd killed them all? Apparently not, as you've met a number of adorable ones who appear to love having their picture made! xoxo ~the Pirate

    1. Contrary to the fictional hysteria that is circulated by the mainstream media and liberals who want to remove large quantities of carbon tax money from your wallets, the polar bear population is not in danger. A comprehensive study by First People residents, based on actual sightings (not extrapolated data concocted in a warm USA university setting), confirm that the population is thriving.

      And yes, I found many adorable polar bears who looked at me with great fondness - not for my photographic capabilities - but for my meaty proportions.


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