February 1, 2014

February - A Look Ahead

Wow, did January zip by fast! I’m sure that February will go quickly too. I stayed very busy last month with lynda.com photography training and 2014 vacation planning. We also had some social engagements in January and celebrated the good news about Mr. Jim’s latest CAT scan. We’ve continued to have cold weather, and our area got a lovely snowfall earlier this week. February weather conditions are already looking more promising, with above average temperatures for the next week. It got to a balmy 58 degrees today. We’ll take it!

As of this morning, we finished making all the arrangements for our major 2014 journeys. We’re concentrating our efforts on independent travel this year to stretch our dollars and pack in as much fun as we can. We’ll be going to the Moab (Utah) and Grand Junction (Colorado) areas in March. On that trip, we’ll be participating in a small group meet-up for landscape photography. In July, we’re going sightseeing in eastern Newfoundland, Canada. We’ll follow the same itinerary planned out for last year’s cancelled journey. In September, we’re heading out west again to explore the Tetons and Yellowstone, two parks that we haven’t seen for over 40 years. With gratitude, we’ll be savoring each one of these wonderful trips.

My self-imposed photography training is going well. I’ve learned some new tricks to integrate into my post-processing workflow. I haven’t started practicing with the Wacom pen and tablet yet, but that is on my to-do list for next week. I will continue my studies for at least another month.

My elderly mom in Indiana has improved somewhat since her stroke around Christmas time. She’s been receiving care at a wonderful rehab facility since her hospital discharge. Unfortunately, I now hear from my sister-in-law that mom has hit a point where she is not progressing. She may be very well going back to her home situation because it doesn’t appear that my brothers there have taken any steps to arrange long-term care needs. The future situation does not bode well. Sigh…

As I posted yesterday, the next monthly photo challenge is fast approaching. This will be the 12th one! I’ve got a few photos that fit the “Street Scenes” topic, but I have to admit that this type of photography style is not my forte. First of all, it’s difficult to be discrete with a big, honking camera. Secondly, I am too much of a fuss-budget on composition and exposure to successfully take quick, candid shots. Oh well. If the challenges were all easy, then they wouldn’t be a challenge, now would they?

You can look forward to seeing more journey-related photos this month. In keeping with the winter them, there will be a few more from Churchill, Manitoba. I also have some architectural images from Charleston to share. You can expect some variety because those two locations don’t have anything in common except their names both start with the same letter.

Valentine’s Day is this month! So if we are still plugging along with winter weather, at least we have a little holiday diversion. I’ve been looking for primroses each week when I go to the store, but there are none to be found. I guess I will have to break down and buy some other kind of flowers for some indoor color.

I hope you enjoy the good times this month and keep busy. Before you know it, we’ll start to see some signs of spring! At least, that’s what Marty keeps telling me, LOL.


  1. sounds like you've got some great trips planned for this year. and we'll get to see great photos. :)

  2. Planning for the trips will be exciting this year! I love the areas out West but I've never been to Canada. That area is on my travel wish list. I'm still looking for streets but I'm at a bit of a loss so far. I guess I better have hubby help me look. Enjoy your weekend my friend! Hugs to you...hubby and Marty of course!

  3. I choose to believe Marty! :)

    Sounds like you've had a busy month...and there's a busy one to come. But how nice to be busy with happy things! I know you must be thrilled to be anticipating travel adventures again. We'll look forward to seeing those adventures through your lens(es).

    Praying that your mom's living arrangements will be what is best for her.

  4. I'm sorry to hear this about your mom. :(

    Good for you guys planning more trips. I know you're very grateful to be able to plan again.


  5. Your travel itinerary for the year sounds really fascinating, Donna. I would love to go to Newfoundland!! It's not that far from us, compared to you, but it's expensive to fly or drive and take the ferry. I found primroses at the grocery store last week and bought a pink one! :)

  6. Great news on all your organization for 2014 Donna - you left me in your dust as I've not got my plans anywhere near hopping on that plane and flying off to some exotic location! We are in the winter doldrums here, although tomorrow's promised 66F may get us out and trotting by the afternoon!

  7. Me again...........so hard to finish comments when using this iPad, grrrrrrr! I wanter to say also that I'm ready for the challenge this month - and that I owe you an e-mail and hope to get my laptop back Mon. and then I'll be able to catch up.

    Happy weekend dear - Mary X

  8. It would be a puzzle trying to figure out many similarities between Churchill and Charleston other than the "C."
    We get ads on television from Newfoundland and I find them very persuasive. I'd love to visit that area of Canada. It looks hauntingly beautiful.
    Looking forward to seeing what everyone has shot for their street scenes. I'm still thinking about mine.
    Happy Weekend.

  9. I will be looking forward to the Yellowstone and Grand Teton photos. It has been a looong time since I have been there. I am so not ready for the challenge. I have been cooped up in this cold and then travel but not vacation. I'm going to look in the archives.

  10. you have some fun filled times ahead of you.. This year is moving right along at an unbelievable rate. What happened to that first month

  11. Wacom pen? Tablet? Guess I'll go find out what that is!!Hahaaa....
    SO glad Jim had a good report!! Fantastic news girlfriend...
    SO glad you're planning more photography trips!!! Can't wait to see all those wonderful shots....

  12. You have been busy and your coming year sounds even busier. But fun.


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