August 27, 2014

Photo of the Week - Summer Storm Clouds

~ a view from our front yard ~

Health Update:

I am deviating from my usual Wednesday photographic-related post and providing you a brief health update.

Mr. Jim got his CAT scan done on Monday afternoon, but he is not getting the results today. He decided to change his oncologist appointment and focus on taking care of me during my eye surgery recovery. So his revised appointment is Wednesday next week.

My surgery went very well yesterday. The medical staff were terrific, especially my ocular surgeon. I was able to convince them to try the operation without general anesthesia, given the recovery difficulties I had after hernia surgery last month. I was awake during the procedure but in absolutely no pain. The surgeon and I chatted all the way through it. She said it was the most fun she had ever had during a surgery, and I can say the same thing, LOL. She found and removed a small lesion and corrected the prolapsed condition of the lacrimal gland. Biopsy results for carcinoma were negative, and I’ll find out if there are any other underlying diseases next week.

My right eye is very swollen and bruised right now. It looks like I lost a fight in a boxing ring! I have to take a lot of care and precautions for the next five days in particular. Ice and elevation are the two primary requirements. I also need to rest a lot and avoid any lifting until I have a return visit with the doctor next Tuesday. My typical activities (including computer time) will be significantly curtailed while I heal up over the next couple of weeks.

Thank you for all of your prayers! Please keep them coming.


  1. Hi Donna, I'm so glad to hear that your eye surgery went so well and you had a good report back so far. That is wonderful! Will keep praying for you and Mr. Jim in the week ahead. Take care of yourself. Hugs, Pam

  2. So glad everything went well and was actually fun (?!) First I've ever heard that! Hope you recovery continues to go well and the results for Jim scan are only good!

  3. it is encouraging that you were able to type out this blog post! hoping all will be well with your vision! really sweet of jim to put off his own medical appt. to tend to you. :)

  4. Considering all the restrictions, you have done well to fill us in. Thank you, but now you must follow orders. We're all cheering you on. That Jim of yours is a peach. Love to you both...

  5. Fabulous news Donna - I bet the op without anesthesia was a change for the surgeon - and I just know you learned a lot about eye surgery being awake. Brave gal you! Take care and get well soon - and hoping Mr. Jim gets his good news too.

    Here in Berlin (New Hampshire), sadly a dying paper pulp mill town, but the scenery along the way was lovely. Managed to locate Dunkin Donuts with WI-FI to send this! Mt. Washington in the distance now - will try to get a shot as we head out of town.

    Love and hugs - Mary

  6. Donna- I'm glad your eye surgery went so well-- that's one less thing you have to worry about right now. I'm sure that all of your friends are praying for some good news for your husbands test results. Sending you much love--

  7. Such a beautiful photo.

    Happy to hear the good news, and hope it continue to be good.

    Bless your Jim's heart and I hope he has good results next week also.

    Prayers daily.

  8. I am so glad it is over and you didn't suffer any pain. You must be the best patient they've ever had. I'm keeping you and Jim both in my prayers sweet friend! Hugs Diane

  9. I am glad your surgery went well...praying for a full and quick recovery and good test results for both of you!...xoxo

  10. Glad to hear your surgery went well. I'll be thinking of you and praying for a speedy recovery. Also Mr Jim gets some prayers for positive results from his CAT scan

  11. So good to hear that your surgery went well (fun even!). :)
    Take care...get lots of what you're told...and enjoy some pampering by Mr. Jim! That is so sweet of him to delay his appointment so that he could focus on your recovery.
    Continuing to pray for you both...

  12. Glad your eye surgery is over and successful Donna. Do what the Doctor ordered and take one day at a time.
    Prayers being said for both of you.

  13. You and your husband are in my thoughts and prayers. Glad your surgery is over and hope you have excellent results.

  14. Wonderful news, Donna. I'm glad the eye surgery is over and done with. How great to have a surgeon who will listen to you and do the surgery without general anesthesia.
    Your Mr. Jim is a sweetie. As you rest and recover I'll pray for further healing and no complications (and for Mr. Jim's test results).

  15. I'm sure you heaved a sigh of relief once the procedure was over Donna!
    Well done on braving it with local anaesthetic.
    Dear Mr Jim, ensuring he was on hand to take care of you.
    Take it easy, rest up and take care of your eyes dear Donna.
    Hugs and prayers winging their way across the sea.
    Shane x

  16. well, it sounds pretty hopeful! Glad your surgery is behind you and you will be healing this next week - for that I have already sent prayers. And once again I have asked health and blessings on Mr. Jim, praying that his CAT scan results are good. Love & hugs!

  17. It's good to hear that your surgery went well. Thank you for the report. Take care of yourself!

  18. Prayers continuing for you Donna. Sounds like your surgery went well and I think so smart to go with a regional anesthetic. Makes me praise and realize how much I take my eyes for granted. Blessings.

    P.S. beautiful storm clouds. Were getting another downpour today. I love the rolling thunder!

  19. Sounds like you're a little more up beat, how good.

  20. Sending wishes to you for a speed recovery Donna.
    Sounds like things went well
    Take care and relax this weekend.

  21. Great storm photo! Praying you recover quickly!


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