September 3, 2014

Photo of the Week - Cloud Dance

Capitol Reef National Park, Utah

My dear Mom passed away around midnight. She had her share of heartbreaks during her life, but she lived with an abundance of joy. I know that she is certainly joyful now that she has arrived at her new, permanent home. I will miss Mom's cheerful spirit, quirkiness, and grace, not necessarily in that order. I recently shared a photo of her, taken with me about 26 years ago, and you can find it HERE.

Thanks to your prayers and, more than likely, some special pull from my determined Mom with the big guy upstairs, Mr. Jim got a good report this morning from his oncologist. The scan last week shows that his pancreatic cancer has not progressed any further. So his chemotherapy break is scheduled to continue for another two months. The next CAT scan will be done near the end of October.

Thank you, sweet friends, for your prayers and support while I continue to travel on the roller coaster ride of life.


  1. God rest your beautiful mom's sweet soul. And, may He help you, Donna during this time.

    I'm very happy to hear the news about Mr Jim though. God is truly good.

  2. So sorry about your mother. I hope you can find peace with the memories you shared. Good news on your husband. A break is wonderful.

  3. i am sorry for your loss but glad she is at peace. and gladder, still, that mr. jim's report was a hopeful one!

  4. Saying goodbye is never easy...

    A good report indeed! All smiles over that.

    It is too bad that our joys are tempered with sorrows or it is good that our sorrows are lifted by joy. Now I hope that your eye is feeling better.

  5. Sadness and joy in one post! I'm so sorry about your mom, Donna. I know how much you will miss her! So happy to hear, though, about Jim's good report! Yay for modern medicine!

  6. I'm so sorry to hear about your mother, Donna...I know you will miss her very much. I loved seeing the picture of the two of you. I'm very happy that Jim had some good news! Sending loving thoughts and prayers your way for peace and comfort in the days ahead...xoxo

  7. Losing your mom is most certainly a difficult thing, good memories will hopefully sustain you in this challenging time.

    What great news about Mr. Jim though, always praying for you both.

  8. Donna, Bob and I are so sorry to learn of your mom's death, looking back at the photo you shared I can see she was a bright and beautiful lady. Having just lost Bob's mom too we know how sad these days will be, adjusting to life with our parents is always hard. May the good memories remain and help you through the days ahead.

    Well great news about Mr. Jim - and here's hoping you will soon be doing much better also.
    Love, Mary

  9. So very sorry you have lost your Mom. I know you will treasure all the wonderful memories of your times together. Such happy news about Mr. Jim, you will both enjoy a bit of a break. Love and gentle hugs to you both.

  10. Oh Donna, I'm sorry to hear about your mom, but so glad that Jim has been blessed with a good report. I enjoyed your sweet 'blast from the past' photo of you and your mom. My mom has been gone since 2006 and I so often wish we could have one more afternoon together.

  11. Oh dear Donna
    I'm so sorry to hear about your Mum. May she rest in peace.
    Our mothers are always a great source of wisdom and strength aren't they.
    I'm sure she is busy gathering the troops together up in Heaven and will always have you and Jim at the centre of her thoughts.
    God Bless you
    Shane xox

  12. Dear sweet Donna, I am so sorry you've lost your mama...we all share in that kind of loss.
    So thankful for Jim's report.
    Like everyone that loses a loved one, I wish I could just have even 5 seconds to give my mama a hug and one more "I love u"
    I am very olden but you never get too old to miss your mama.

  13. Donna my heart goes out to you for the loss of your mom, though she is at peace it's always hard for loved ones to leave us.
    That was a very sweet picture of you and your her together.
    It is good to hear Jim got a good report , will continue to send well wishes and prayers.
    Your photo of the week is beautiful .
    Sending a caring cyber hug,

  14. Donna, I am so sorry to read that you have lost your mom. I don't think we're ever really ready to say good-bye to someone we love.
    I am happy to hear that Mr. Jim has had a good report and that the two of you can enjoy another stretch of ordinary, which are really extraordinary, days.

  15. Oh sweet lady....I'm SO sorry about your difficult....
    But I am so Happy to hear Jim's great news! Yes mam...prayer Works!
    Loving you!!

  16. Donna- I'm so terribly sorry about the loss of your Mom-- I know that loss Nd it is a heartache that you will carry. I'm sure it helps somehow to know that your husband got a good report- that is a blessing. Your shoulders must be feeling awfully heavy right now.

    We love Capitol Reef National Park- it is one of my favorites:)

  17. Donna, I am so very sorry to visit and hear about your Mom. I haven't been here lately and just seeing Jim received good news and your eye surgery went well. You're often in my thoughts even though I don't blog read much. I subscribed to you via email, so that will be easier. Sending you big hugs sweetie ♥

  18. Oh Donna, I am so sorry to hear about your mom. You know why I can understand the grief and struggle you must be going through now. Hugs to you dear sister!

  19. I read this on my phone and it wouldn't let me comment. Going back to catch up. I continue to pray for you through the loss of your mom. Thanking God for a good report for Mr. Jim and prayers continue for you, dear friend.


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