March 5, 2015

The Dance...

After enjoying temperatures yesterday in the mid-60s, gloomy weather has settled into east Tennessee. Cold rain is turning into sleet. The ground is covered with ice pellets. Before the storm system moves out of here, the precipitation will turn into snow.

Meanwhile, the external hard drive that I use for my iMac’s Time Machine backups decided to croak this morning. Coughed, sputtered, quit. Given the current road conditions, I can’t safely drive down to the local Best Buy and purchase another one today. Perhaps I can tomorrow. Ah, modern day problems!

In the dance of life, I can relate to the second paper crane from the left. How about you?


  1. that made me laugh. :)

    good luck with the hard drive. we had heavy rain, then sleet and more snow overnight in texas, too. i hope it's the last...

  2. LOL! Yes most definitely! Hope you're weather clears up soon! We are looking forward to the weekend with temps in the 40's and maybe some significant snow melting!

  3. Yep... That's about it!!
    Backing up our backups is a constant source of anxiety isn't it?

  4. Oh goodness, hopefully the weather will improve enough for you to get out.


  5. I think they stole my moves!
    I know this sounds nutty but my husband learned this from a local computer repair place and swears by your hard drive in the freezer, when cold replace in computer then start backing up important files. Here is a link to a lifehacker which gives instructions. Hope this works for you...Good Luck! Hugs, Millie

  6. oh yes I can relate. I loved that video. This winter weather is just too much. We haven't had a break from it.

  7. How do they do that?! Yup. Sometimes I do feel just like that. Not today, though, that nasty storm missed us. Sorry that it got you and sorry that the equipment quit. Hopefully, tomorrow will be warm and sunny.

  8. That sounds like terrible weather which I hear is passing south and east of the Maritimes thus missing us this time! We have enough snow. That is an interesting video indeed. Thinking of you. xx Pam

  9. Your weather sounds awful, but what a great little video to put a smile on ones' face.

    Hope things clear up for you soon.


  10. SO sick of Winter...bahhhhh!!!
    Cute video though!
    Stay safe if you get out in that stuff little girl!

  11. There are some amazingly creative minds out there - dancing paper cranes - who would have thought. Thanks for the smile.
    I hope the weather has cleared up so that you can replace your hard drive. Which reminds me that I really should back up my laptop again.

  12. That was cute and amazed at what can be done...hope you can get out in the next few days and hopefully the snow and stuff will soon be over. xoxo

  13. Oh yeah! Definitely second crane from the left. In fact, I probably wouldn't even get up to dance. Not in the mood!

  14. Love you girl. At least you danced. *smile* Sorry to hear about all the bad weather. Maybe it's time for you to move to Florida. Ha! It's been in the 80's here. Not that I'm bragging cause that's a little extreme. I'm a mid 70's kind of gal.
    P.S. Still praying for you friend. Keep these posts coming, they have to be helpful to you because they sure are helpful to us. :-)

  15. Oh, I can identify with that poor, little guy! Sorry I haven't kept in touch more lately. Family events have kept me busy but you've been on my mind and in my prayers. We are having gorgeous, Spring-like weather. You really should come enjoy the sunshine!

  16. I've always admired people who can make those paper cranes - but to make them dance is awesome! Well hopefully you were able to get out, without falling in the bad weather, and get another backup drive. Goodness, now I feel I still have to be concerned about backing up the back up - I'm doing it like you kindly told me last year, but I don't know how long this little devil will last either!
    Life is getting far too complicated - I want old fashioned to come back!

    Dear, I was just looking at Photo Challenge blog and see you already have three very interesting subjects listed - I SO hope you will start it up again when you feel ready and able - I truly miss that monthly challenge, it stretched me which is something I'm lacking these gloomy winter days!

    Love you and hope you will soon have Spring weather and some pretty things in the garden to cheer your days.
    Mary OX


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