November 30, 2016

Photo of the Week - Noah "Bud" Ogle Cabin in Spring

Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Tennessee

It was bittersweet to visit this cabin and photograph it with Pris, my sister-in-law, this past April. My husband and I visited had a memorable photo shoot here not long after we met. That was way back in the ancient film days, many decades ago. Per a Facebook post, this cabin may be gone as a result of devastating wildfires in the Smokies and the Gatlinburg area. So far, I haven’t been able to confirm its status from a news source.

The impacts on historical structures and park acreage are very sad. But the impacts on human lives are even more so. Heartbreaking stories are now unfolding. Lives, homes, businesses, and jobs have been lost. Please pray for the people of east Tennessee and help if you so feel inclined.


  1. Let us know when you know, Donna. Beautiful, rustic scene.

  2. A gorgeous photo and I hope it survives. So very sad about the fires in Tennessee

  3. Yes, it has been terrible in western NC and now Tennessee. My friends who live at Lake Lure, NC were evacuated, fortunately their home was saved. I hear a person who may have started a fire there has now been arrested - it was believed from the start the fires were set by arsonists and/or reckless hikers climbing the hills behind Lake Lure. With no rain since Sept., until yesterday, the situation quickly got out of hand in the forest areas.

    Lovely photo, I do hope this cabin was saved, it does look so beautiful in the Spring woods. The devastation from the fires near Gatlinburg is horrifying.

    Hope you are well Donna. I was at the NC coast last weekend and managed to get some lovely photos of the beach, ocean, sunrise etc. as the weather was great. Hope you stop by and take a peep!

    Miss you - hugs, Mary

  4. I'm feeling so bad about the lost lives, homes, business's, job. Such a tragedy

    Donna - that house looks exactly like my grandmother's with the exception they had added a long porch on the back with lots of windows. I hated it when we had to take a bath in that tin tub as a kid; always afraid someone was looking in. This brings so many memories to me so I'm just gonna have to say it: My favorite!!


  5. That is a beautiful photo. I've been so sad about the fires and am glad that they are out now.

  6. The fires have had devastating results. I hope the cabin survived.

  7. We aren't hearing so much about the aftermath in Gatlinburg...Seems all the media wants to talk about is Trump and his elevator!
    Hope the cabin made it!


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