February 12, 2011

Roba Dolce Product Review!

stack of Roba Dolce cartons

I’m excited to do the first product review here on my blog! And I thoroughly enjoyed every minute and morsel of the product testing!

Last month, Karen of This Old House 2 put out a call to bloggers, asking them to advertise the Roba Dolce brand of Italian gelato and sorbetto and also post a product review on their blogs. I quickly signed up! As compensation, the company shipped me five 1-liter tubs and three 6-ounce cups of product to taste test. Oh, the sacrifices that I do for my blog readers! And my sweet hubby felt that it was his duty to participate in the tasting as well. See how much he cares about my friends?

Here are the different flavors that we sampled and our culinary findings:

  • Blood Orange Sorbetto – Creamy and tart, with a true blood orange taste.
  • Lemon Sorbetto – Exquisite lemon taste, with just the right amount of sharpness, but no bitterness. If you love lemon, you have got to try this!
  • Mango Sorbetto – Our least favorite of the samples. Very mild in character. I thought it tasted more like peach than mango.
  • Pistachio Gelato – Nice crunches with every spoonful because there is no skimping on the pistachio nuts. If pistachio is one of your favorite nuts, you will adore this.
  • Coconut Gelato – Extra creamy with a generous amount of shredded coconut. It was so scrumptious, I added a dollop of Hershey’s chocolate on top to remind me of a Mounds candy bar.
  • Dark Chocolate Chunk Gelato – Dark, decadent, and rich, with plenty of real chocolate chunks in every bite. This was my absolute favorite of the samples. If my head could have fit inside the container, I would have thoroughly cleaned it out.

We checked the web site and found the Roba Dolce brand is not available in our geographical area. However, they make it for Krogers under the Private Selections label, and we locally priced it at $4 for a large container. Will we be buying it in the future? You bet!

I really appreciate Roba Dolce and Karen of This Old House 2 for letting me participate in this fun and tasty product review! And since I already have you drooling after reading this post, check out the gorgeous country estate where Karen lives!


  1. New blog look! Lots of us are itching to change our blog look, aren't we? :-)

    Since it's not ice cream, is the Sat/Fat number low?

    That coconut sounds mahhhhhhhvelous, but coconut is usually loaded with too much Sat/Fat for me.

    Hugs and ♥'s...

  2. I don't recall about the Sat/Fat number for each of the flavors, and I didn't jot down the information. I guess you could check it out at the grocery store or else zip the company an inquiry e-mail!

  3. LOVE the new blog look!.. and Roba Dolce thanks you. We tweeked the mango and added more fruit and kicked the flavor up, so from now on it's much improved.

  4. I'm gonna be looking for some of that. I love ices so I'm thinking this product would become a favorite.

  5. Wow, what an excellent review! I have been waiting on my family to "help" with my review. I have to admit, they didn't get much of a sample of the lemon... one of my favorites! Lol!

  6. Wonderful review! I haven't had a chance to sample all of it. I love the Lemon so far and my son and his GF liked the mango.

    I should hurry and do my review!!

  7. I've never tried Roba Dolce, but after reading about the coconut one that you put the chocolate syrup on I'm having a little craving here :)

  8. The pistachio - my very, very favorite! :)

  9. OmGoodness!!Hahaaa...Number One, I'm on my Big Computer and am Just NOW appreciating how Beautiful your background quilt really IS!!! Gorgeous!! On my regulat computers, I only have 15inch screens so all I was seeing was your header!!
    My grandaughter had downloaded some virus on this big one and I'm just now getting it all cleaned up!
    That gelato looks and sounds Great!!

  10. Love the new header! Reading on Google Reader I don't always get over to check out blog remodeling hehe. Nice deal! That's some major sampling you got to do too.

  11. oh i was drooling from the very beginning! sounds delish....going to have to look for that stuff around here!!! yummmm!

  12. You did a great review...and wasn't it FUN!!! We are still enjoying ours...and finished the blood orange last night! OH MY! So far my favorites are pistachio and coconut! I probably would have NEVER tried coconut...but it is amazing! With the chocolate, I bet it was OVER THE TOP! And thanks for the link to your friend's blog! I went and commented on her post! She wrote a beautiful post about her year in GA! Hugs! ♥♥♥

  13. I hope they sell this product in Columbia because I've got to get some of the pistachio flavor for TG. He is a pistachio nut. LOL. I myself would like pistachio but I needs me some of the coconut and the lemon too. Thanks a lot for creating a hankering for something ELSE sweet I need like a hole in the head ... -:~/

  14. Oh my goodness! I would have LOVED to review those products! Yum!


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