May 20, 2008

Another Yard Sale Done & Found Treasure

We held another yard sale this past Saturday, and there was a much better turnout than the one in April. The weather was spectacular and all of the people who showed up were gracious. How lucky is all of that?! We even had one shopper who called on Sunday and came back on Monday to purchase more items!

We still have plenty left over for another sale in June and there are many more new items we can add next time. On Sunday, we went through the arduous task of packing the leftovers. This time, we also decided to pack up some things for Goodwill donations and also the used book store.

I was putting the books in sacks and loading them into my truck. Absentmindedly, I was thumbing through the books, just to make sure that there wasn’t any folded money or other treasure lurking between the pages. My compulsive neurotic tendencies just take over my body sometimes, LOL, because I have already gone through these books twice already.

Ah, my neurosis paid off! Low and behold, I found one of my hand-made treasures in a book! I cringed when I remembered that one lady at the yard sale had picked that book up and carried it around for a while, but then she decided to put it back and not purchase it. I stitched this little bookmark about a dozen years ago and had not remembered its fate. I thought perhaps I had given it to a friend. But here it is, ready for me to put it back into service!

Prairie Schooler bookmark that I stitched


  1. Isn't it amazing all we can accumulate? We too are getting ready for a garage sale the first of June.
    wow..what a cute little book glad you happened to come a crossed it!

  2. Yes, all the STUFF seems to grow while we are not looking! Good luck on your upcoming sale! That is terrific that you are taking the time to whittle your STUFF down. Thanks for the compliment on my little bookmark. It is a cutie!

  3. So glad the sale went so Well!! And Also glad you found your treasure!!! Happy day sweetie!hughugs


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