May 23, 2008

Aerial Photography of the Homestead

We had aerial photographs taken yesterday as part of our new real estate listing service. The video photographer was here at Grey Havens doing his thing too. So we had a lot of excitement going on at once.

The bird’s-eye views were done by a company called Amazing Aerial Photography. The balloon setup was quite ingenious. A digital camera is mounted on a bracket below a blimp-style balloon. While guiding the balloon at an altitude of a couple hundred feet, the photographer was able to preview and take the images while he remained safely on the ground. Way, way cool!

balloon and camera set-up for aerial photography

The aerial pictures turned out terrific, and our realtor gals have added several to the photo libraries posted on various real estate web sites.

front view of Grey Havens property

side view
back view


  1. We had one of those done on the small farm I grew up on. It was SO neat!

  2. You betcha! It sure works great when you have acreage!

  3. How the prospective buyer a good view is a gorgeous place and hubby have done well with it!

  4. How beautiful!! Great pictures!hughugs

  5. Thank you, Cindy! We shake our heads and try to remember back to when the land was just bare pasture. We've planted about hundreds of trees and bushes over the years and their glory is the evidence of our hard work!

  6. Thanks, Donna! We hope that the pictures will help us sell the homestead!


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