May 28, 2008

Grand Canyon National Park

It is time for the 4th installment of our Southwest USA adventure!

Grand Canyon National Park is the quintessential vacation spot for about 5 million visitors every year. Its spectacular panorama is legendary. The canyon achieved its National Park status in 1919, almost 90 years ago. It is truly something that you have to see in person because no photograph can possibly capture its grandeur and immensity.

This trip was the second time I have visited here and my hubby’s first. When we walked along the Rim Trail, we couldn’t help but exclaim to ourselves, “What a hole!”

We had a comfortable stay at the Kachina Lodge and glorious meals at the El Tovar Hotel. Both facilities are conveniently located in the Grand Canyon Village just a few short yards from the southern rim. With the busy schedule of a multi-state tour, we had less than 24 hours to enjoy the special views of the canyon. But we were able to see the changing magic of the scenery at both sunset and dawn.

We had some time to explore on our own, hopping the park shuttle buses and walking along the trails above the canyon. Our tour bus also took us to some observation points on the eastern side of the park. After inspecting the condition of the Bright Angel Trail and acknowledging our physical limitations, we opted to not hike down into the canyon. We had plenty of scenery to occupy us and our cameras while we remained on areas of solid footing.

(Place your mouse pointer over each picture to see a description.)

view from the Rim Trail, looking toward Yavapai Point at sunset
view from Yavapai Point at sunset
sunrise view from the Rim Trail at Grand Canyon Village
looking toward Maricopa Point at sunrise
view from Mather Point
looking down at the Colorado River from the Desert View observation area
along the canyon rim at Desert View observation area


  1. There's nothing like it on the planet!! Great pictures!!!hughugs

  2. That's for sure! It is incredible!

  3. Awesome photography Donna!..I have no doubt you and hubby missed your calling..these pictures are excellent phoptography! We were out to the Grand Canyon...and your pictures show the vivid colors we saw there...but not all that take pictures are able to photograph as me!... great job and so interesting! thanks1

  4. My hubby didn't miss his calling because he was a professional photographer for over 40years! I love to dabble in photography and met him when I took his noncredit photography course at our local university. That was almost 3 decades ago! Thank you for your sweet comments! We have lots and lots of fun when we got on vacations.

  5. What beautiful pictures of the grand canyon!! I hope to visit there some day!

    Thank you for entering my giveaway! Good luck!

    My husband is a mechanical engineer. What field were you in?

  6. Thank you, Kindra! You will have to go see this spectacular scenery!

    My fingers are crossed on your generous giveaway, LOL!

    I have a degree in nuclear engineering, and started out my career in that. I ended up specializing in environmental engineering. Your husband went into a good profession!

  7. Gorgeous pictures! Thank you for sharing them!

  8. You're welcome! There will be lots more vacation pictures to see in the weeks ahead!


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