June 2, 2008

Cosmos, Our Horse Neighbor

Let me introduce you to one of our four-legged neighbors!

We live in a suburban countryside, and there are a lot of small horse and cattle farms all around us. A beautiful Appaloosa horse named Cosmos lives on the acreage next door. She has lived there just a few years and was quite skittish at first. I am sure that Buddy, our big barking dog, didn’t help matters any! But the initial period of shyness has since worn off, and we now enjoy neighborly chats over the fence. When Cosmos spots me out in the front yard, she will trot over so that I can reward her with attention and some yummy carrots or apples. She’s a sweetie!

Cosmos wishes that her master would bush hog the field more often, LOL
okay, I'm ready for my snack now!
eat the apple, Cosmos, not my fingers!


  1. AWwwwwwwwwww......Wonderful!!!!hughugs

  2. Gorgeous!
    Come on over and visit my blog; I am having an anniversary party!

  3. Oh-boy! Coming right over!


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