June 12, 2008

Lavender Harvest

The first 2008 lavender harvest has begun!

We grow mostly the Provence type of lavender in our flowerbeds. This is perhaps the best year ever for the plants. We had originally planted them in the rose garden about 10 years ago. But we quickly found out that they were not very happy in that location because it lacked good drainage. So we moved the plants to the bed near the garage entrance where there is a nice, gentle slope. They have thrived ever since their move.

the lavender keeps company with daylilies and a japanese maple seedling
get ready for a haircut!

I’m jumping into the stalks along with the big bumble bees, snipping away handfuls at a time. After I create the bundles, I put them on an old-fashioned drying rack set up in the garage. I’ll harvest the flower blossoms after the bundles dry.

watch these bumblers for long and they will wear you out

bundles ready for hanging on the drying rack

I am also making a few lavender wands for my dresser drawers and to give away to friends. It’s not difficult to do the wands, just a little time consuming. I use assorted colors of 3/8” ribbon and 7 lavender stalks for each wand. I taught myself how to do it and you can too if you don’t know how! Here is an easy tutorial.

lavender wands with colorful ribbons


  1. Hi Donna!
    Lavender has to be one of my favorite flowers! Mine is getting ready to bloom and am going to tryu my hand at the wands! I love your blog!!!!

  2. Hey, Miz Judy! I'm crazy about the flower too. It's easy to grow and the smell is oh-so heavenly. Try making those wands - I know you can do it! Thanks so much for visiting and posting a comment!

  3. Hi Donna,
    I can smell that lavender from here. Don't let the bumblers get you. Love your blog.
    hugs, Jean

  4. Oh-boy, oh-boy, you figured out how to comment, Jean! I'm so happy that you did!!!!! I was thinking of you while I was putting this story together because you are the queen of herbs! Thank you so much for being a fan of my little blog. I'll keep posting if I know that dear friends are enjoying it!

  5. Donna, Thanks for stopping by my blog! Loved reading yours! Your lavender is just beautiful! I bought a new lavender plant this year and hope it does better then the one I had a couple of years ago. I want to be able to cut and dry it too.

    Tammy :)

  6. Thank you kindly, Miss Tammy! I'm going outside to cut some more now and brave the bumblers. Your plant ought to do just fine, as long as you have a sunny spot for it and it has good drainage (e.g., on a slope).

  7. I tried growing lavender a couple years ago..must had been not enough drainage.It never came back the next year. I need to try it in a drier sloped area too.. very nice blogging ! thanks!

  8. Hey, Cindy! I love following your blog too - so many neat stories to tell.

    Another thing to remember about lavender is to not mulch close to the base. That holds in too much moisture and the plant will rot. You can try adding some sand to the dirt as well.

  9. Ahhhhh....the aroma!!!!LOL...Beautiful Pictures!!!hughugs

  10. I got the best smelling garage in town, LOL!


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