March 25, 2009

Spring Activities

there is fresh mulch under all these trees along the driveway!
No, no, I haven’t forgotten my blog. I have been twittering for everyone so that you know that I am still alive and kicking. We had a long stretch of fabulous weather, and now we are at the beginning of a rainy period. We have accomplished a lot of “tidying” kinds of landscaping activities, as part of our spring ritual. Since hubby has a bad hip and I have a bad knee, our slow progress can be a bit comical to watch and sad to experience, LOL. Thank goodness we are retired so that we can work and rest, then repeat as necessary until we decide that it is time to enjoy an adult beverage on the front porch.

The landscaping is looking pretty good at this point. The Bradford pear tree blooms were at their peak yesterday, the redbuds and maples are really showing their reddish colors, and the dogwood blooms are ever so slightly beginning to open. The dogwood trees are loaded with blooms this year, so the next two weeks will see their glory. Last year was spectacular, but I think this year is going to be better yet! The privet hedges are greening up quickly, and the front lawn and backyard will need trimming by this weekend. Hubby already mowed some of the side acreage a couple of days ago. This past week, he got the garden tractors all prepped for the three seasons ahead.

The two vegetable garden plots have already received their first tilling. Vegetables and flowers will get planted toward the end of April, when the danger of frost in this area has past. I’m looking forward to having my big pots of geraniums near the front and the kitchen porch entries. It is always so cheerful to have those flowers greet us and our visitors.

I have more newsy news, but will save that for later posts. Right now, I want to spend a little time catching up with my blogging friends!


  1. Such a pretty path, makes me want to mosey down it.

    Spring sure is pretty in Tennessee. Our spring is about past...

  2. Marty must be very happy this time of year at your place! Everything's in zyrtec?
    happy days to you dear ~

  3. I'm just sitting here...DROOLING over those TREES!!! Look at the BLOOMS Girl!!! Beautiful!! Enjoy that View!!!!hughugs

  4. What a beautiful view. envious of your land & bradford pears! I have only one..would like to plant some more this year! Well, deary-I will send you The Shack when I'm finished (which should be this weekend) if you would like? My only stipulation is that after you read it, you pass it on to someone else.

  5. Wow you really live in your very own little paradise...
    Just gorgeous.
    Blossum on trees is one of lifes real pleasures to enjoy.
    We are in Autumn now so soon won't be much on the trees.

    Be sure to continue the rest time at the end of your day...Sounds like a good way to finish up:)

  6. So, so BEAUTIFUL!! I love Bradford Pear trees; the blooms are awesome!

    Thank you for sharing, Donna! :)

  7. Even though gardening can be tiring, it is sooo worth it!Your trees look lovely. Enjoy your spring time!

  8. Oh how pretty! I could just sit there with a cup of coffee looking out at your beautiful trees all day! I love how they are all lined up on your drive like that, beautiful! Have a good weekend Donna!

  9. The view from my home office is to the right of this perspective. So I get to look out and see about half of this scene as I blog and twitter with my online friends! It is a wonderful, calming view.

  10. If that is your driveway, it is beautiful! I think I would be walking up and down it all day, but if I remember correctly... do Bradford pear blooms not have a wonderful smell? One of them does not smell very good.

  11. Hey, Cindra! I walk that drive quite a bit to get the mail, and it is quite an enjoyable little jaunt. I meander quite frequently too. The blooms do have a fragrance. Some people like it and some people don't, LOL. And the bees are ALL OVER the trees, so you hear lots of buzzing as you walk by them!


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