March 27, 2009

Stimulating the Economy

I am loving this new D90!
I have officially done my part to stimulate the economy! I spent a chunk of change, and I did it unlike the imbeciles in Washington D.C. I saved my own money for the purchase before I spent it. Yep, balancing a budget is not rocket science. If you do it right, you don’t have to get a loan from the Chinese government that will have to be repaid by future generations. And, you don’t have to resort to printing an extra trillion dollars in your basement while using a diversionary tactic from the class warfare playbook. Yep, if you can’t afford it, you don’t spend it! Even though you really, really want to. You would think this simple concept would be covered in Economics 101. It makes you wonder what has been taught in the classrooms since I graduated several decades ago. Hmmm…

Oh my goodness gracious. Where am I? I seem to be standing on a soapbox! How did that happen? Excuse me for a momentary rant. These troubled times are adversely affecting my usual sweet decorum. The insane swindling and bamboozling going on by our elected officials lately is impossible for me to ignore, and I am close to a breaking point. Ah, there I go again, standing on that soapbox. Gee whiz!

Now, where was I? Oh yeah, I remember, LOL!

I bought a new camera - the Nikon D90! I ordered it from B&H Photo, our favorite photo and electronics supplier. I already love the HUGE display on the back. It is bigger than the one on my D70, and I can use it without the assistance of reading glasses. That’s a big plus for my mature eyes, ha-ha! Studying the 278-page user’s manual is on my “to do” list. But it has enough of the same buttons and knobs that I’ve already been using it. I am doing the happy dance and LOVING it! It has a nice feel and takes beautiful pictures. I also got the Nikkor 18-200mm zoom lens with vibration reduction. Hubby has had one for a couple of years now and it is a honey. I have been wildly jealous and finally got one for me too.

So I will be enjoying my photography hobby even more and sharing the results with you in the days ahead!


  1. never disapoint me!! Bamboosilers is Right! Want it? SAVE FOR IT!!! I can't imagine the people with a fully loaded credit card...bless their hearts...and times are fixing to get a Whole lot tougher...Why can't they See this???
    Love the new camera!!! Your pictures are already wonderful!
    Happy weekend sweetie!hughugs

  2. Woo hooo!
    Donna you are going to have so much fun getting aquainted with your new hard earned toy!!

    Cameras are agreat investment,As photos are so precious.

    Donna do you know how to write on photos??
    Like on screen I mean...
    Like adding names or a little inscription.

  3. Hear, hear!! Rant all you want!

    Congrats on the new camera~I hope the two of you will have a wonderful journey together although I don't know how in the world you can take better pictures than the ones you've shared!! :)

    Like your new design also. You sure are a busy girl. :)

  4. Ha, I love a good rant! Have you ever seen the Saturday Live Night skit with Steve Martin on not spending money that you don't have? It's a hoot and so true. Anyway, I am so excited for you. I wish now I would have gotten the 18-200mm also,then I wouldn't have to change my lens all the time. Anyway, congrats on your new camera and I know you are going to have fun! Oh your blog's new look is so pretty and Springy(is that a word?).

  5. My motto is "live within your harvest". If I don't have the money, I don't get it. if I really want it, I save up. The country would be in less trouble if a few more people felt the same way.
    Congrats on saving up and getting yourself a new camera. I really enjoy my new camera (that I saved up for) although its not nearly as fancy as yours.

  6. Oooo, Donna ye don't need a flail, ye got yer sharp-edged tongue! Ouch! Go get 'em dearie!

  7. I've been saving up for and eyeing that D90 myself for a while. Congrats!

  8. Well boy howdy! Good for you....I know I for one will look forward to seeing your great pictures...and what a nice thing your hubby and ou share this interest and love (of travel too! )
    Calgon (eh eh.. Donna)...take me away!...i want to see all these wonderful places through this wonderful lens!! have to see "my very first camera"...I am going to post it on my blog( was inspired (by you ) to write about it.

  9. Nice camera!!
    So your already awesome photos are going to be even more awesome? I can't wait to see them!
    Could you please email me at with an address that so I can send you a bookmark?

  10. I'm surprised there was room for you on the soapbox as I was standing on it as well! LOL. I agree with you my friend and congrats on the new camera! Can't wait to see even more pictures!
    Have a great weekend.

  11. You do a fine job on that there soapbox! Tell it like it is!!

    And congrats on the new hard earned toy! We'll all get to enjoy your wonderful photos.

  12. yay for boosting the economy! I'm hoping my husband and I get a tax refund this year..usually we have to pay in (school loans and such, ugh).
    I now have twitter, and am a follower of yours! hehe.
    Have a blessed weekend,deary!

  13. You don't share lenses? I can't wait to hear how the movie function works. Keep us posted.

    As far as what they teach in schools, I am not sure they teach the common sense of budgeting. I know we teach some of it in 5th grade in preparation for Exchange City, but the portion about choices comes from home.

    The last two decades of parenting has not been the best. They actually should teach a course on that.

  14. Cindra - It's hard to share lenses when you BOTH would like to use the same lens at the same time, LOL! Now we're both happy! I was regularly using a 24-135mm zoom with vibration reduction, but I was missing out on a lot of the more distant shots.

    I hope some good comes out of this current rough patch in the global economy and folks learn how to better manage their money. The national savings rate is finally in positive territory, so at least that is good news! Now to get the government to actually do a balanced budget without taxing us to death. Geez, I'm not asking for much, huh? ROFL!

  15. I appreciate your rant! What's going on in politics these days is enough to make one rent her clothing and tear her hair.


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