July 30, 2009


door greeters at the Raleigh Tavern
So what is the deal with these two pigeons in my photo? Ah, it is a study in patience! You see, these birds are perched above the doorway entry for Raleigh Tavern in Colonial Williamsburg. With teamwork and patience, they will soon be able to get the attention of some unsuspecting visitors arriving and departing from the Tavern! Look out below, haha!

Patience, my dears. That trait has somewhat escaped me the past few weeks, as I continue to heal and recover from replacement surgery for my left knee. And I know that my sweet visitors here may be getting impatient about the partial inattention to my blog. Rehabilitation is like taking baby steps and full recovery is a long way off. My usual pastimes and activities continue to be scaled back, including time on the computer and photography. So let’s continue to stay at our perches and wait a while longer for opportunities to have more fun together. Okay?

I am planning on participating in the next Brenda Photo Challenge, coming up this Saturday. The theme is “Keeping Cool”. I’ll be showcasing a beautiful place that we saw on a vacation four years ago. Be sure to come back and find out about this surprise destination!


  1. Ahh, yes, there's a reason why patience is a virtue. I'm thinking that staying in any one position for too long would be very uncomfortable for you. Take it just as it comes and soon you'll be able to do things you've not dared to dream of.

  2. patience is needed by all of us, dear donna......hoping that you see signs of better things to come....where you will once again be moving and shakin!!!!! we certainly will be here!

  3. Ah Patience. NEVER my strong suit. lol I hope your recovery goes well and as swiftly as possible!!


  4. You know MEH!!!Hahaha...
    Glad you're doing better sweetie!!hughugs

  5. I think you're a patient, patient. More so than I would be! :)

    Take care! ((hugs))

  6. Plod along My friend.
    You will get there,When low know we are all rallying for you.

  7. Patients can be a difficult thing. I've sure learned more about it since being married to my husband - LOL!
    Hang in there and in due time you will be better than before!

  8. Donna, it won't be long and you'll be "back in the saddle again"! I know you've got boundless energy that is going to come back....patience is NOT fun to use...I remember when I was preggers with my last baby, and I broke my ankle at 6.5 months....I got better just in time to deliver him...and boy did I learn me some patience those months in between!

  9. Thanks for coming and I'm happy to enter you in my little giveaway! Just a day away! :-)

    I laughed out loud about the pigeon dooo....my little grandson just got a prize from the sky....Canada Goose style. On his head. Ewwww.

    Ouch! Knee replacement....they say that's in my future too, but I'm holding on. Left knee too! :-) I hope you're up and "running" sooooon.

    Warm blessings,

  10. Sorry your recovery is a slow one! But won't you feel much better down the road!
    I've been slacking on my blog here lately, as well. Busy, busy, busy.

    ((Hugs)) to you!

  11. Yes, patience is sometimes hard to come by isn't it..especially when we need it NOW!

    Look forward to your challenge photos Donna. I have just posted mine since it is Saturday here...and I get to be first! haha.

    Thinking of you ...often!

  12. You are going to make it!! Patience? Sometimes I think it is vastly over-rated!! I am thinking of you!! Jan

  13. I think if I become any more patient, I'll be stuck in place. :-)
    You'll be dancing soon!

  14. I know how frustrating this must be but you are handling it all so well Donna! I bet you are looking forward to the day when it's all a distant memory. Take care.........


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