August 6, 2009

August - A Look Ahead

We have had strange summer weather this year with moderate temperatures and an abundance of rain. I dread typical August weather here in the south, so my fingers are crossed for mercy. The vegetable garden has not fared very well, but we are still picking and eating some fresh produce. A couple rows of sunflowers are blooming on one end of the garden, and sweet hubby drove me out there for a brief photo shoot earlier this week. Very few daylily blooms remain now, but the vincas along the front walk are providing vibrant color. The crepe myrtles are also showing their beautiful blooms right now. Thanks to the unusual summer rainfall, the grass is lush and full. It has never looked so good in August before! Unfortunately, the additional mowing has added to hubby’s outdoor chore list.

Of course, my entire life right now revolves around my healing and rehabilitation from total knee surgery six weeks ago. The joint remains painful and stiff, annoying me 24-7. Fatigue has been a problem also. I continue to do my physical therapy exercises at home, and I have just a few more sessions scheduled with a therapist. I will be seeing the doctor next week for a follow-up office visit. I walk around the house without a cane, but still use it when I venture out. I don’t have good enough range of motion and strength yet for stairways. I can now comfortably go out for short errands, and it is great to finally have a few diversions. I have learned how to use electric carts and terrorized a few people at the grocery store during my first lesson, LOL! Sweet hubby has been doing a wonderful job taking care of me, the cottage, and the acreage. Three cheers for him!

One day, I hope to get my old life back. In the meantime, I am frustrated. Plain and simple. Straight up. Unless someone has gone through this surgery, there is really no way for them to truly understand. Those who have endured it all agree that it is worse than any other previous surgical procedure. I was literally hit by a Mack truck in my 20s, and I sustained multiple fractures. Recovery from that was a piece of cake compared to this knee replacement.

There is no progress to report on selling our cottage. One couple was really interested in it last month, but they wanted to commit highway robbery on the price. We don’t expect or ever want to see them again. Except for the low end of the housing market where first-time buyers are taking advantage of the $8000 tax credit, buyers are still primarily sitting on the fence. So we continue with our marathon waiting game.

I have not felt good enough lately to do anything creative, but perhaps I will get out of my funk this month. I have a few stitching projects lined up, and I need to make some more handmade cards. Hopefully, a little creative inspiration and energy will come to me as I continue to heal and my spirit is lifted. I plan to teach myself some new Photoshop tricks this month, now that I can sit a little longer in my computer chair. I have been reading up on some Photoshop Element features that I have never used, and it will be fun to try them out. If I create something really cool, I’ll be sure to share it with all of you!

P.S. Thank you to all of my dear friends who have provided encouragement and support. God bless you.


  1. you are right..people like me never exeriencing the surgery before, have no clue.. but my best wishes are with you all the same. I have taken care of numerous post operative tkr's never saw an easy recovery yet..hang in there!

  2. I think about you a lot, and keep praying that soon you'll begin to heal faster and feel better. I know it's been very hard!

    Can only imagine how beautiful the day lilies and crepe myrtle are! I love both.

    Take care, and I'm so glad to see you here; I've missed you a lot!! (((hugs)))

  3. A Mack Truck???...OUCH!! Be glad you GOT that knee replacement before 'BamaMan tries to take over health care! What a fight That's going to be!!
    And for 2 cents I'd hop on one of those carts and give it a whirl!! They look zippy!!
    Sweet night to you sweetie!!hughugs

  4. I am thinking and praying for you, Donna! Hopefully, each day will be better!

    And Crepe Myrtles? I LOVE them...they are the South to me....don't know why, but they are!!!

    And to heck with those nasty wanna be buyers!! Your place is such a gorgeous home.....they would not have appreciated it enough....send me their info? I'll fix 'em!! I'll make them sit through HOURS of my chatting...that ought to do it...........LOL

  5. Oh You poor thing.
    My Gran too really felt it after her knee surgery.
    It is pretty rough,eh?
    Lucky you are a tough chick.
    All the best,The sun will be shining again soon

  6. We've had really strange summer weather too. I'm thankful for the extra summer rain and somewhat cooler temps though. I've kind of been in the uncreative funk too, but have found a little bit of inspiration lately. Hope you can do the same and get to feeling better!

  7. Oh my friend. I'm sorry you are in so much pain. My Dad went through surgery on both knees and I remember him being in extreme pain.
    I pray for a quick healing and comfort. And I envy your photoshop! I want that too!!!
    Big hugs to you sweet friend.

  8. Hi-I ventured over here from Net on the Net-and had to leave a comment on this post. Those exercises are THE MOST IMPORTANT part of recovery. I know it feels like you will never get better, but please please stick with it. They really are key to recovery.
    Best to you

  9. I have heard before that recovery from knee replacement surgery is long and painful. Sounds like you are making progress slowly but surely, but I can understand the frustration. Hang in there and I am thinking good thoughts for you!

  10. Take things one day at a time and one day you'll look back and say, "wow, how did I do that?" You're better this week than last, right? It'll come but you can't rush it I think. (((hugs)))


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