October 13, 2009

The Cleanout Campaign

Yes, I have been preoccupied lately and not visiting many blogs right now. Not to worry, dear friends! We are on a cleanout campaign!

The garage has been our first target. You see, we were overconfident when we initially put the house on the market. We packed up a lot of possessions and put things in temporary storage. Time passed. We finally decided to bring everything back home last year and clear out the storage unit. We also held a couple of garage sales and have leftover items from those events, packed away in boxes. We’ve gradually have been unpacking boxes and sorting ever since.

Now that the weather temperatures are moderate again and my knee has healed sufficiently, we have resumed our ambitious cleanout project. All I can say is “UGH”. I sure wish some of you, my bloggy friends, lived nearby! I could load you up with all kinds of goodies and treasures! We consider ourselves pretty thrifty folks, but we are not immune to the disease of overabundance.

So please don’t fret about my temporary absence! I will pop in and visit with many of you when we get tired or throw in the towel, whichever comes first!

P.S. The follow-up visit with my orthopedic doctor went well yesterday. I am scheduled to return 6-7 months from now. The knee still pops now and then and residual pain and swelling remain. But the doctor says that all of that is normal and will continue for about a year. Mastering stairs continues to be my biggest challenge. Lately, I’m doing better walking down stairs, but not improving going up. There's more work to do on those quad muscles!


  1. If You are loading people up with great goodies I too wish I lived closer...lol!!!!!
    I need to do the big ruthless cleanout...
    Glad to hear of the update on the knee...Now onward and Upward...Literally

  2. I'd help you, sweet lady, if I could. I might be a hindrance, though, 'cause I'd be snoopin' through all the goodies!! :)

  3. Yes I agree with Kylie , I'd be there with bells on . Glad the knee is getting better , take care .

  4. More power to you....I need to some of that cleaning out and decluttering as Fly Lady would say. I'm glad your knee is doing well.
    Keep on working on those stairs...you'll get it mastered yet.

  5. Boy, do I need to do the same thing! This kind of weather always reminds me. I like your background photo!

  6. Hahahaaa...I'm with Sally! I love treasures!!
    Glad the knee is coming along Girl! You'll be bouncing up and down stairs again before you know it!!!hughugs

  7. Hi Donna, I think I may have the same knee problem......I have been "ignoring" it because it's a come and go thing and not a constant but there have been a few times while out on a walk and I thought my Hubby was going to have to carry me home!

    I can only deal with one failing body part at a time...LOL

    I wish I lived closer too...I would've helped you clean up. :)

    It can be a big chore...right now what I have left stored in boxes is for the kids to have when they get older. :)

    I hope you have a Blessed day,

  8. Good for you two! Don't you always feel better after cleaning out clutter and just things that are needed anymore? I always do. Good luck with your clean up venture :)

    ((hugs & blessings))

  9. "disease of overabundance!"
    i LOVE it.
    i have that too. i'm at the point now - where it's bite the bullet and clear out the garage myself--- or park outside. i don't want to do either :((
    but-- like they say-- no pain, no gain. right?

    hope your knee is holdin up-- don't work too hard-

    have a great day!

  10. Great news that your knee is giving you less and less grief! Are you ready to go dancing yet?

    I wish I lived closer too, I'd be checking to see if you had any end tables! Everything new I've looked at looks so rickety and now I'm searching at used shops and antique shops.

  11. I wish you a continued speedy recovery, Donna... Oh my gosh, I don't envy you. What you are doing is something that I/we have been procrastinating about for YEARS... Good luck with all your sorting and any future garage sales... Donna

  12. Okay I know I left a comment last night but I don't know where did it go.

    I was admiring the yellow trees that looks so mellow and cool. I would love to take a walk there, I won't get tired, by just looking at the sky and the clouds! Ahh!



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