October 9, 2009

Thank You for Autumn Giveaway Goodies!

I have won a gorgeous assortment of autumn decoration goodies from Donna at An Enchanted Cottage! I haven't entered any giveaways lately, so I was quite surprised and delighted when she picked my entry. Talk about instant decorating for the fall season!

This is one of the pictures
that she posted on her site:

An Enchanged Cottage - Autumn Home Giveaway
Thank you so much, Donna, for these lovely treasures! I am quite fond of birdies, and the two figurines look like an old married couple to me. One is yapping and the other is listening, LOL. I enjoy visiting your site and am glad to have you as a new bloggy friend!

And everyone else, please go visit her blog! Just be sure to have a napkin handy in case you drool while checking out her lovely cottage furnishings!


  1. How sweet! I'm happy for you, Donna!!

    Have a lovely weekend! :)

  2. Congrats on your win...it's a lovely one! Your comment about the birds made me laugh...so true, though.

  3. Good on you.
    I too entered that one,
    I have'nt entered any for ages.
    But I am glad you got a nice surprise after all your recent trials.
    It was a a great giveaway

  4. Congratulations Donna!!!! What a nice surprise for you. xxxRobby

  5. how cool for you--
    i'm jealous- i never win anything :((
    happy weekend-

  6. Wonderful goodies!! How lucky!
    Happy Fall Y'all.

  7. Congratulations to you Donna!!!! How Lovely!! Hope those storms bypassed you!!hughugs

  8. Way to go Donna! could have been won by a more devoted blogger and friend!

  9. Wow! What a lovely prize. Congratulations!!

  10. Ohhhhh.....pretty! Congratulations! They will look perfect in your lovely home! Jan

  11. Well how cool can that be? Congrats!
    Well come by my blog because I have another something for YOU! Come pick it up! This is just your lucky week :)

    ((hugs & blessings))

  12. Are you doing okay? Haven't seen you in a while, and you know sensitive I am. bwahahaha


Marty, here! Donna loves comments, and I faithfully pass them on to her. Thank you so much for visiting!