December 17, 2009

An Undecorated Christmas

our spotty poinsetta
Because of the hurried, unexpected sale of our country home and move last month, we didn’t decorate our rental home for Christmas this year. After getting tuckered out, we weren’t up to all the holiday work too! We went the easy route, LOL. A gorgeous poinsettia takes center stage on the fireplace hearth; a few needlework ornaments rest in a basket; and one of our teddy bears is wearing a red stocking cap. That’s it!

As a result, I don’t have pictures of Christmas decorations to share with you this year. I have been enjoying the season vicariously by visiting my blogging friends. Thank you to those who have posted and spread a little holiday cheer! To reciprocate, I invite you to look back at our Christmas decorations of 2008.


  1. I completely understand my friend. But the poinsettia is beautiful!

  2. I remember that post!! I found Marty sulking under the limb because you wouldn't let him take "Betty Bunny" out for a coffee....Hahaa...
    Happy night sweetie, and I DO NOT BLAME you one bit...It's a Lot of work!hughugs

  3. Merry Christmas Donna! I wanted to tell you I am closing my blog except to family and friends as my concern the childrens pictures be snagged..I have heard on the news warning people that some pretty creepy people are publishing kids pictures for unorthodox purposes..mainly from facebook...but not taking the chance.I had a 1000 hits this month.
    will send you an invite when I ever do post next...thanks for following my blog! I also have enjoyed seeing everyone's decor...lovely!!

  4. No decorations here either; I sent everything over to the girls' house for them to use. But, Christmas is in my heart!! :)

  5. The poinsettia is a perfect stand in for a tree! And next year you will get double the pleasure as you decorate in your new home!

  6. Hi Donna
    It's Dee/dabrah here pretending to be someone else. No, I'm travelling so have started a separate travel blog, and like you, I haven't decorated for Christmas, since I'll be spending the holiday with my brother and family in Sydney. My kids will join us there too. So, an easy Christmas for me,apart from living out of a suitcase! Congratulations on selling your house, and on the start of your new one. It'll be really interesting to watch as it's being built.

  7. I like those peppermint poinsettias. So festive!

    We had a big ol' poinsettia growing outside in New Orleans for quite a few years...really...but just a plain red one.

  8. Merry Christmas! With or without decorations, I know the spirit of Christmas rests comfortably in your home. It is the spirit that is the most important thing anyway, isn't it? Next year you will be in your new home and it will reflect more clearly what warms your heart this season.

  9. PS-HAHAHAHALOLOLOL....(extreme belly laughing here) over your Comment on the hacker....LOLOLOL....Hubby and I Needed this!!!!
    Sic 'em Marty!!!Hahahahahaaa...

  10. I will be anticipating the decorations at the soon to be new house. I'm sure they'll be worth the wait.

  11. I loved looking back at last years photos! They are so beautiful! And, you have earned a rest....just think what you can do next year!

  12. hey, it's not about the decorations anyhow, right?
    y'all just be together, be happy, and enjoy the holidays!

    take care-
    happy monday-

  13. You know, Donna, you might end up liking the minimimalism and sticking with it! I tend to go WAY overboard with Christmas decorating and yes, it is beautiful and magical, but several years ago a friend of mine sent me a photo of a Counttry Living house spread and all they had in their massive family room for Christmas decor was a tree and a huge, shiny Christmas ball wreath on one of their windows. Because it was limited to just those two things, their impact was huge! So every year as I trudge my bins up from the basement, I keep thinking of that room and how spectacular it was in its simplicity! ha ha It might win me over yet!

    How exciting to see the new house taking shape - what a beautiful setting!!

    Thank you for your kind words regarding my mom. I appreciate it so much!! Have a very Merry Christmas!!... Donna

  14. I bet it's just enough for this year. Just wait until next! (I'm so glad that your home sold quickly. That's a rarity these days.)


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