February 19, 2010

Brick by Brick

Guess what arrived at the homebuilding site yesterday? Bricks! Stacks and stacks of lovely bricks! The color is called “Weatherwood”, a mottled grayish-brown. Even though there are some bits of snow still lurking in the shadows, the temperature was warm enough today for bricklaying to begin. The photo below shows a freshly laid section of a back wall located underneath the (soon-to-be) screened-in porch.

In addition to work on the back side of the house, you can see bricks marching their way up the left side too! Oh, happy days!

Meanwhile, the inside is rapidly transforming with sheetrocking, taping, and mudding going on. Want a little peek? How’s this? Look – arches! Let’s hope that the warm weather spell decides to stay around for a while!


  1. Looking at those contraptions on the plasterer thank Goodness I am not one!
    How exciting to be building!
    Our extensions are at a standstil as we awaiting engineering docs before it can go to Building permits stage! ahhhhhhhh

  2. It always impresses me how fast brick work goes and how beautiful it is. Lovely color it is, too. Ohhh, arches...looking good in there!

  3. Finally! A peek inside! And, oh my. I am loving these arches. Such wonderful progress is being made...I am sure you must be most excited!

  4. Oh it's getting very exciting, I bet you can't sleep tonight.

  5. wow, how excitin! I hope to build one day, I would love to pick out and chhose all those things! Its gonna be beautiful!! xxoo LA

  6. Wow! It's just speeding right along! It's going to be beautiful, I can already tell!

  7. so.so. exciting......thanks for sharing...it looks beautiful already!!

  8. It's going to be SO nice Donna!! Moving Right along!

  9. Thank you so much for stopping by my site! Joni was so sweet to post about our little Annie today! I have made new friends today because of her. Including you!
    Have not met many Tn bloggers, so it's nice to have someone else from east Tn.

    Your new home is really coming along. I am going to follow so I can keep up with all the excitement!

    xo, misha

  10. I love bricks! Isn't it exciting to see how quickly a house can go up? I hope the weather stays nice for you! We've had early spring here. Bulbs have pushed their leaves out early. I hope we don't get a nasty hard frost and lose them. I love my Tulips and Hyacinthe. I think of you every day now, while using my pen! It makes me smile!

  11. Your house is comng along nicely! I could use those mini stilts that that drywall guy is wearing! Sure would make dusting the light fixtures easier!

  12. Love seeing the exterior and interior designing...the arched doorway..cool! also the brick color goes well with the land and house color..blends in so micely! I would like to borrow those stilts..for cherry and apple picking this year! ha ha!!

  13. Wow your house is coming right along!! It will be gorgeous when it is finished! I love bricks too especially the color you picked.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog again!!

  14. Great to have you guys as neighbors! - Mark and Ger

  15. Hi there, Ger! Hahaha, what a surprise to get a comment from you! I'm so glad that you came to visit my little blog, and I am absolutely thrilled to have you two as neighbors! Hugs!!!

  16. the process of building a home is sooooo exciting and soooooooo nerve-wracking at the same time.

    the bricks are beautiful! the arch is gorgeous!!! yay for warmer weather~~~

  17. i'm late-- but i'm lovin it :))
    get it - the arches-- umm nevermind.
    i do love it -- just a bad joke .
    speakin of S&B
    happy thurday


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