February 16, 2010

Siding Progress

The work on the soffits, fascia boards, and siding has been slow, thanks to very uncooperative weather. As luck would have it, this February has been wetter and colder than average.

The crew has been working hard. Measuring, cutting, and nailing can’t be hurried. A lot of their work involves dizzying heights!

I took all of these pictures on February 11. After working through the weekend, three sides are now completed. The eave on the back side of the house awaits their attention. Brick will go where the green board shows in these photos. And, as I mentioned before, the current siding colors are primer coatings. The outside look will dramatically change once the brick and real paint colors are applied!

Insulation was installed last week, and 90 percent of the sheetrock has been nailed up. It is totally trashed inside right now! Taping and mudding activities are not far behind. Stay tuned for inside pictures once it gets cleaned up a bit!

P.S. For those inquiring about a visit, the guest room is where the triple windows are located above the front porch! And yes, the interior colors have been all picked out.  They will be "revealed" when the painting is done!   


  1. Oh, my word! Donna! It is really coming along wonderfully! Sure wish it was MY hubby doing the siding! He is a sub contractor (who does mostly siding) here with virtually no work. Michigan's economy is not good.
    Can't wait to see the inside photos!

  2. Can't wait to see the inside and can't wait until it's done and "we" get to move in!!

  3. Oh Donna!! These are Great! It's all coming together SO Fast!!
    Got all your colors for the inside picked out??

  4. I agree with Jeanette!!! We want to see 'our' room. xxxRobby

  5. Oh I'll be hauling "the carpenter" in here for a closer look-see. I really like the details you've selected for the outside of your home. It just makes it! Am eager to see the brick work, too.

  6. i can't believe how 'fast' they can build a house. i know it feels like forever when it's yours-- but really, think about it.
    i love my room already :)) bwa hahahahaha.
    i kid!

    can't wait for the interior pix tho--
    so, is it a boy or a girl? it really is like havin a baby-- the anticipaTION IS KILLIN ME-- AND IT AINT EVEN MINE!


    (sorry , but i'm too late to fix the caps
    told ya i was excited - hahaha

  7. Oh Donna, it's just the cutest house! I smile and smile every time I read more about it. Still a lot of work ahead... but at least it's the fun kind, making everything wonderful.... (((Donna))).

  8. Oh It is comming aong though in leaps and bounds,I love that shingle styling....You don't get that much over here...
    It will be so lovely!

  9. Looking great Donna...yes, I can't believe how quickly you have had the house go up in the winter time!
    Glad you enjoyed the little grandson today..thanks for visiting!

  10. Looking good, girl. You're gonna be so cozy in the little cottage. I'm happy for you both. :)

  11. ohh so beeeeauuuutifulll!! It won'y be long now! love the color!


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