March 29, 2010

Back to Routines

sheep at the gate, Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia

With Easter Sunday around the corner and the recent emergence of spring weather, I thought all of you would enjoy my photo of a sheep, patiently waiting at a fence gate. I love how the morning sunlight whispers through the wooden slats. And a little humor in a picture goes a long way. Do you see how the enormous tree has absorbed the fence, intertwining their histories and fates?

We have returned from our short jaunt up to Indiana to visit with my Mom, a few of my brothers, and sister-in-law. Physical challenges took a few of us down for the count last year, so it was good to see everyone to be getting along better.

A few personal tasks are at the top of my agenda this week, including a dentist visit this afternoon for a replacement bridge. I can tell that my bite has been off with the temporary bridge because I keep accidentally chewing the inside of my cheek. Yee-ouch!

I will get some pictures pulled together of our homebuilding progress and post them in the next day or two. My last progress report was March 14, and there have been several new transformations since then!

I also plan to catch up with my many blogging friends soon and see how everyone is doing. Did you know that my list of followers is now approaching 100?! As soon as I get to that magical milestone, I’ll be having another bloggy giveaway! The only question is when that will happen!


  1. Welcome back, good to hear your trip was a success. Love your sheep.

  2. Looking forward to the photo updates! And I love the sheep picture...did you take this? It's pretty enough to be a postcard!!!

  3. Glad to hear you had a good trip. I just love that picture.
    You only need 2 more to reach 100.

  4. Sounds like you had a nice trip. Looking forward to more house pictures!

  5. Hi my friend, I'm happy to hear that your visit was a good one and that you've returned home safely. Love the sheep photo!

  6. The picture looks so good with the applications you have made.
    How's that tree???
    Look forward to seeing house progress....Lets not talk about mine and reno plans,Ohhhh Just constant problems and we have'nt even started,Nothing more $$$ would'nt fix though lol!

  7. So glad you enjoyed the trip, and hope your mom is doing well, Donna. Looking forward to more pictures of your new home! Take care. :)

  8. Congratulations on almost 100 bloggie buds, Girl!! It's Fun in here and we LOVE your photos and Lessons!!
    Glad you're home safe and sound!!
    Crawling off to bed now...I'm TIRED!!Hahaa

  9. welcome home my friend... good to see ya - i know you're happy to be back. also hope you aren't suffering any backlashes from the trip. i suffered from mine-- i think. i'm payin for somethin, that's for sure.

    i can't wait to see more of the house-- have you swung by yet? do you like what you see? well, that's prolly a dumb question eh? i bet you love what you see. do ya know when you get to move in yet? sure is pretty. i'm comin for iced tea on that porch someday ya know?

    btw - i too love that sheep pic -- did you take it?
    love your style with that camera -- my sister left one here - not digital - an SLR - film type-- not sure what type- but it's a fancy expensive thing. she couldn't fit it in her luggage when she left for London. i do believe that i shall call it mine -- a Christmas present -- since she didn't send me one :))
    sisters can do that ya know-- specially baby sisters :))

    anyhow-- again welcome home---

    ps-- i'd drive a couple hours if you would -- well - soulman would-- i'd ride along :))

  10. thank you for sharing your amazing photo. my honey has told me how trees absorbed fences he and his dad put up. amazing.

    hugs for having to go to the dentist.

  11. This is a test...I know that I commented here on this post saying something about the wonderful photograph and how glad I was to see you back. Now I'm thinking I may not be sticking around long enough to see a word verification or something... We'll see as I won't be so quick.

  12. Nope, no word verification...hmmmm...

  13. hmm. really did you get rid of the word verification? please say you did--- i am blind ya know-- i hate those things -- so yeh-- testing testing:

    and one more thing -- it came to my crazy mind yesterday :))

    if we add 'caring' to sweet and boring --- what do we get?
    don't get mad -- it's all in fun --- but we get
    huge hugs and happy easter

  14. Funny seeing the sheep picture. Where I live, it's sheering time and they all look so white now!
    Sweet picture.


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