April 1, 2010

Lot 10 Update!

overall progress – March 30

See the big orange “10” sign on the front porch? That’s our lot number and it has been prominently displayed lately to help the delivery and utility hookup folks. Oh my, where do I even begin? So much has happened since my last home building report a couple of weeks ago! The biggest changes on the house exterior have been the installation of porch ceiling and addition of the columns. Also, the front door has received its first coat of stain. Trenches were dug to put in the water/sewer lines and the electrical/cable runs. Work just started earlier this week on building the screened-in porch in back.

front porch ceiling

front door with fresh stain

The stairway is finished with the exception of some small trim. Staining comes later on when the carpenters leave and the painting crew takes over the house interior.

stairway landing

Beautiful built-in cabinets have been installed in various rooms, along with some of the countertops. Even hardware and crown mouldings are now on! The kitchen sink and range hood are in place. The cooktop has arrived onsite and will get put in its permanent home right before the kitchen and bathroom countertops arrive next week.

office cabinets, countertop, & hardware

crown on kitchen cabinets

studio cabinet hardware close-up

cast-iron kitchen sink close-up

The happy results of the detailed tile work in the master bath are now on display. (Please pardon the dried grout smudges in the pictures.) We opted for a classic stone look that will keep its smart style for a long time. The garden tub is renting space in the master bedroom until the plumbers come back in a few weeks.

master bath shower

master bathtub surround

master bathtub

About 95% of the wood trim has been installed, and the painters have already gone through and done their initial caulking. The finish carpenters are now working their magic in the dining room, constructing judges panels and columns along the arches. It is going to be gorgeous when they get done! I will have a separate post later on about that particular endeavor.

There are a million little details that Builder Mike is tracking, and everything is coming together smoothly. The pictures above give you little glimpses of the progress and details. I will be posting more pictures as tasks get completed and it all gets pulled together. The project is still running ahead of schedule, and it now looks like we are about six weeks out from completion. Please keep checking back for more progress reports!


  1. WOW! This house is going to be gorgeous and I am jealous of that garden tub! I love the bathroom tile! I also love the bannister with the wood and wrought iron!! I want to build a house now!

  2. Man! Everything looks beautiful. I bet you can't wait to get your furniture put in and everything decorated.

  3. You two have excellent taste! Everything just looks amazing...this truly is a dream home.

  4. You won't need to go to a resort Donna my friend...you will be living in one!! Just gorgeous!!

  5. Gorgeous, gorgeous!!!
    Isn't building stressful? Like a fulltime job..

    Hope you are at least enjoying some of our beautiful spring weather here in east Tn!

    xo, misha

  6. Oh. My. Word. This is coming along just wonderfully! LOVE all the attention to detail...the porch is beautiful! 6 weeks? Amazingly fast!

  7. Look at those built in's! They are gorgeous!!!
    Are the tops Granite or just a Look like?

  8. It's going to be just beautiful when it's finished. Looks like a perfect dream house.

  9. Thanks, everyone, for your sweet comments! Hey, Kylie - The tops on the built-in cabinets for the great room, office, laundry, and my studio are high-grade laminate patterns which look like granite from a distance. Handsome, inexpensive, and very durable! Cultured marble will go in the baths and granite in the kitchen. Those tops arrive next week!

  10. I Know I'm late but have been Busy with the kids this week...This is GORGEOUS!!! LOVE the Sink!!!
    Love ALL of it!! Can't Wait for the finishing touches!!
    Happy Easter weekend!!

  11. I have to say this real quick 'cause I'm fixin' to throw my computer out the window:

    I LOVE IT!! So beautiful~~~can't wait 'til we move in. lol

  12. So very beautiful! How exciting for you!

  13. I'm sure you've mentioned this before - but it must've been a long time ago? so i just have to ask again... is this y'alls design? it's wonderful, regardless. i absolutely LOVE it. porches , especially a screened porch -- i have always wanted one- never lucky enough to get one. the wood and detail inside-- even the drawer pulls -- every tiny little detail is perfect. i'm in love. i can't wait til you put your very first post about sittin on the screen porch havin coffee, watchin hummingbirds, takin in the sunshine, and sounds of nature. i wish i could be there when that day comes. but of course-- i know that's a day for you and hubby. maybe the second time? :))

    anyhow-- i'm really happy for you-- i hear your water breaking as i type this-- the time is so close-- ya better start 'walkin around the hospital grounds '

  14. I wouldn't want to leave there either! It will be fun watching it come together at the end. I'm trying to do blog catch ups too so I'll go see what else I missed. Have a wonderful weekend..


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