March 5, 2010

Latest Homebuilding Progress

A whole flurry of homebuilding work is getting done right now! It’s time to catch everyone up with the latest progress report. First up, we now have concrete for our front porch!

It was finished yesterday and already set today.

The garage entry door got delivered yesterday. Look at the mission-style design that we picked out! And as you can see in the picture, the walls have received primer coats of paint and wood flooring installation is underway. This particular green is called cavern moss. It is in the dining room, laundry, and guest bedroom.

The door was quickly hung this morning. Notice the garage paint? It is called grey frost. This color is also in our master bedroom and hubby’s office. A peek through the doorway also shows the cocoa-colored paint that is going in the rest of the room locations. It is called dormouse and has been a favorite of ours for years.

While the wood floor installers are upstairs today, the tile installer is busy putting down gorgeous tiles in the laundry room and master bath. This picture shows the laundry floor before grout is added.

And what is going on outside right now? Painting! The first coat was done yesterday.

The main color is called Cromwell grey and the trim matches the taupe color of the Anderson windows.

The main color is quite a chameleon. Based on the time of day and quality of sunlight, it can appear to be grey, taupe, brown, or green. It looks a bit greenish-gray in these pictures. It is quite an interesting color! (Note: The “smoke” in the garage is from a worker cutting tile.)

Ah, our new home is finally getting “dressed up” with decorative touches! Stay tuned for more progress reports in the days ahead!


  1. OH!! I LOVE ALL the colors Girl!!! I'm a green and brown girl as well! This is SO darn exciting!
    BUT!! I looked Very Closly at the cement!!! I don't see them!! WHAT??!! You say...Marty's Footprints!!!HAhahahaa....Well?
    Happy night Girlfriend!!

  2. OH this is the fun stuff here. I am so impressed with their progress! Does he build in Florida? LOL!
    Hugs to you my friend.

  3. Oh my gosh everything is BEEEEEEEutiful! Donna I love all the colors! You have great taste!!!
    Many Blessings~Judy

  4. Wow! I can't believe how much they've finished! It looks fantastic and I know you're so excited with the progress!

  5. Wanna trade houses Donna???? LOL LO lovely colors!!

  6. Love all those colors and the tiles are gorgeous. I have a feeling I am really gonna love "our" house!!

  7. Awesome awesome colors! Wow, it looks WONDERFUL! I must have the dormouse color someday when I paint, it's beautiful. You must be beside yourself with excitement. Hugs!

  8. SO very pretty!! I love the green, and have that in my dining room also! I know you guys just can't wait!! :)

  9. ok-- here comes the stretch marks-- before ya know it the water's gonna break :))
    it's is a most awesome home !!
    can't wait to see it finished -- i'm so happy for y'all
    hugs- and happy reamiander of the weekend-

  10. It's looking so beautiful! I love the colors you've selected. Your spring update for your blog is so nice. Love the daffodils!

  11. beautiful, donna.....i just love watching this process....i love the colors!!!

  12. New here and glad I found you.
    Love your new house and the color..doormouse. What brand paint is it? I'd love to use it myself.
    I'll be back to catch up...


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