March 1, 2010

March - A Look Ahead

Okay, okay. It’s official. I am sick of winter and its total lack of bright colors. I am putting on here new wallpaper that I created and a springtime photo header to cheers things up a bit! And it is on my “to do” list to post some flower pictures this month in order to wake us from the slumber of the winter season.

As my sweet readers discovered last month, progress on the homebuilding project is coming along very nicely and quickly. The project remains our top priority. Most days find us at the site, checking on our new home’s evolution and identifying any possible issues as quickly as possible. Builder Mike has been doing a grand job managing the details and addressing any concerns or questions we have. The most difficult part of the process is writing out the checks, LOL.

The very first coats of paint were applied on Friday last week, and it was exciting to finally get to this milestone. Color! Beautiful, creamy colors are now on the walls and ceilings. Hardwood and tile installations are expected to begin this week. Outside painting will soon begin too. A back porch will materialize in the weeks ahead. As soon as concrete gets poured for the front porch, columns will be added. Wood trim will appear on the walls later on this month. Will cabinets get delivered and installed in March? We hope so! The structure will quickly transform to a home. It will be a spring to remember for us!

We finished our vacation planning last month and have some fabulous and rather unconventional trips lined up. I got some medical checkups accomplished in February as well, and my health remains good. Yeah! More items got marked off the never-ending “to do” list. We have embarked on diets (again) so that we can shed some poundage before our late-2010 journeys. We’re making regular visits to the fitness center too. I continue to exercise my bionic knee. After all, it has to carry me where I intend to go in life!

My big chore this month is to work on our stupid income tax filing. Every year, I dread the tax season and curse our politicians (even more than usual). The tax code is, quite simply, a monstrosity. There are extra regulatory hoops we have to deal with this time. Oh joy. I strongly believe in comprehensive tax reform and use of a Fair Tax. This country desperately needs to eradicate our current tax code and replace it with something simple. Until the taxpayers revolt and force the politicians to change the system, there will continue to be millions of folks like me who dread this time of year. I am crossing my fingers and hoping that TaxACT doesn’t let me down and helps me through the painful process once again.

So there you have it. Spring is running a little bit late this year in our neck of the woods. But I know it is right around the corner! Green foliage will soon be sprouting and daffodil flowers will brighten our days. March is one of my favorite months! And this year, we will be enjoying it without all the usual work of weeding, mulching, and trimming. Ahh, bring it on!


  1. I've loved watching your new home transform. And I can't WAIT until you start your travels because I somehow seem to benefit from them! Hee! Hee!
    Love your springy green background and new header.
    Big hugs to you!

  2. It's Beautiful in here Girl!! We "Spring Forward" on the 14th, and herald in Spring on the 20th! Great month, March!
    Can't wait to see more house photos!
    Love your Spring Decorating in here!! I feel Cheerier!!Lol!!
    Have a great day Miz Donna!

  3. Yes, Spring is looming! You will be living in your house before you know it!

  4. thanks for the reminder donna -- it really is march isn't it? hmm , and tx donna, yes - there is a time change comin too-- more daylight, could be a good thing too.
    and please God, bring warmer weather along with the so called Spring season on the calendar .
    wow-- that my friends is a big trifecta if all goes well, dontchya think?

    and dona-- you've got yer own trifecta in the works-- house- travels - and someone else doing your landscaping --
    haha -- go you !!

    happy monday !

  5. Taxes...bah!

    New houses...yay!

    Spring on her way...double yay!

    Adventures to plan...triple yay!

    Your new background is beautiful and I love the header with the cheery daffodil.

  6. Oh, those taxes. Just do what I do -- throw away those dumb W-2s or W-4s or whatever they are and just don't even worry about it!!!


  7. First day of Autmn here yesyerday and today is heavenly...Blue skies,sunshine and cool breeze....PERFECT!
    So much happening for you,It is great hearing bout the house and it does seem to be flying along!

  8. As the snow falls, I'm enjoying your lovely new background! I'm READY! I am tired of being cold. However, I have found that retirement (his) has made the whole snow thing tremendously easier on me. Not just because he deals with it, but because I'm not stressing about him driving in it every day. It's SO MUCH better, yay!

    Love hearing about your house - it's just whizzing along, I'm so happy for you. Hugs.


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