March 13, 2010

Spring Forward!

grandfather clock face in the great hall of Centre Family Dwelling,
Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill, Kentucky

Signs of spring are here. Finally! The weeping willow trees (one of my favorites) are beginning to tip out with their light green leaves. Warmer weather and showers have settled into the Tennessee hills and valleys this past week. And tonight we set our clocks forward to usher in Daylight Saving Time 2010.

So drink an extra cup of coffee in the morning. Maybe two. We won’t get that extra hour of sleep back until November 7th!


  1. My body clock has moved as of last weekend, I just seem to be waking up an hour earlier, by 10a.m. I need a nap. Love the clock face.

  2. You find the best photos! Love this one.

  3. My clock should be ok cause for the past 5 nights I've been waking up almost every hour. I'm ready for Spring weather, right now! :-)

  4. Oh thanks for the reminder... I should go to bed an hour earlier. And, you have the most positive outlook on losing an hour, I've heard. Even though the old bod will protest, I'm going to love the extra daylight at day's end.

  5. and arizona never changes....don't know what our problem is!!! :-)

  6. Thanks for the awesome way to remind us...great picture! I just looked at my clock and instead of being almost eleven, in a few minutes it will be almost midnight...crazy stuff if ya ask me...
    Have a good nights sleep :P

  7. I am so looking forward for the spring, and for the sun to stay a little bit longer on the sky!

  8. Winter took a last hit on us. Snow/Rain/Wind/Cold... all day Saturday! Thanks for the time change reminder... I'd forgotten!

  9. I'm ready for spring weather, too. And it's slowly getting warmer outside.
    Our clocks in Austria will be set forward in two weeks, on 28.03.2010, and they will be set back again on 31 October 2010. Interesting, I thought it would be the same date all over the world.
    BTW, your house makes good progress! It's nice to see the colours you chose!

  10. As much as I love the arrival of spring I hate losing that hour.

  11. ....PUT IT BACK!!!!Hahaaa


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