March 14, 2010

Trim, Cabinets, & a Whole Lot More

Where do I even begin? So many things have happened since my last homebuilding progress report on March 5! The structure is now quickly turning into a home with the additions of trim, cabinets, and a whole lot more.

As soon as wood and tile flooring installations were completed, the trim started to arrive, including an army of interior doors. These were quickly installed throughout the house. We chose a new Craftsman cottage style by Jeld-Wen. Aren’t they adorable?

Wood molding supplies were stacked in the garage, ready for the finish carpenters.

It didn't take long for the guys to start digging into the pile and creating some beauty!  The architectural trim work is underway and will continue through this week.

Stairway supplies were delivered.

And an attractive stairway is now taking shape.

Several mountains of cabinet boxes arrived, and about half of them were destined for the kitchen.

Within a workday, the cabinet installer was already giving us a taste of what our gorgeous kitchen will look like!

While a flurry of activities was going on inside, the exterior experienced some changes too. Our home looked like this on March 6th, right after some yard grading was completed.

Within a few days, gutters were installed and garage doors appeared. The first coat of paint was applied to the doors.

Brick bases for the porch columns also got constructed this past week. Whew! And this is what our home looks like now!

Keep on the lookout for more progress reports later!


  1. Wow!!! Your lovely home is going up so fast! I love seeing each new stage. Soon you'll be sitting on the porch in your rocker enjoying a glass of iced tea!

  2. It's just beautiful. I can imagine how great it will look when it's done. I know you've got to be very excited.

  3. Donna,
    Love it! Seeing all that stuff arrive must feel so good. The craftsman cottage style is one of my favorites.

  4. I have to tell you a funny story, Seeing all your doors lined up like that reminded me of a tailor my mother worked with. He became a guest at all our holiday celebrations, since he had no real family in Canada, He was Greek. It seemed that where ever he worked he always seemed to work with Italians, and their status symbol was doors, the one with the most doors was obviously the most successful, so when I say your doors I want to say you are most certainly a success. things are coming along very nicely. I'll bet you're excited.

  5. Wow! How cool! I'm lovin seeing this all take place. It's going to be beautiful when it's all finished and you add your decorative touches!!!


  6. Ahhhh Sigh! Look at that gorgeous Kitchen,Even Unfinished I have kitchen envy!
    Mine should be done by CHRISTMAS!!!!

  7. wow! its really shapeing up!!! fun to watch the progress..soooooooooooon you'll be resting your head in your new home!!

  8. Oh Donna! Things are going so FAST!! I LOVE your builder!! Everything looks Wonderful! Really going to be beautiful when done!
    Thanks for loading the great photos Girl!!

  9. Oh it's gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!! You must be so excited!! I know I am!!

  10. I can't tell if my comment posted - I've tried to get here ALL day but blogger just won't cooperate!


  11. Oh oh oh oh!!! WOW, Donna - it is happening fast. Beautiful!

  12. Your new house is truly wonderful. Love the doors and the outside paint color and the trim.

  13. holy cow - *gasp* - beautiful. and fast. when will it be finished?
    it's all so exciting.

  14. Donna your house is coming along amazingly!!!! I haven't been blogging for a while....yours is the first one I have looked at in a while....and wow!!!!! I can't wait to see it with your furniture in it.


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