April 27, 2010

Homebuilding Progress: Seeing the Light

We’re now seeing the light at the end of the proverbial long tunnel for construction of our new cottage! Builder Mike is managing a million details right now and is focused on getting us moved in next month (fingers crossed).

So what has been accomplished since my last report, just 10 short days ago? Let’s see if I can sum it all up. Closet shelving and kitchen tile work have been pushed back in the schedule, but the place has been buzzing with completion of many other tasks.

More trim work has been accomplished, including cabinet details and crown molding on the back porch and in the stairway. The wood detailing in the great room ceiling is finished and looking beautiful (to be revealed later). Cultured marble countertops and sinks for the master and guest baths are also now in place.

It was especially exciting to see the electrical and plumbing fixtures – the jewelry of a home - arrive and get installed last week. We picked things out so long ago (in December) that we almost forgot what they looked like! And we’re really looking forward to enjoying the tankless water heating system later on.

dining room light fixture close-up

tankless hot water system

On the outside, the irrigation and drainage systems have been installed. Flowerbed outlines have been established, and a landscaping plan has been developed. The corbels (for the eaves), shutters, and front porch columns are now getting stained.

wood corbels and shutters, before staining

The HVAC units were installed last week. The security system is going in today. Sheetrock touch-ups are also underway. The wood floor finishers will be taking over the house tomorrow and keeping everyone else out. In the meantime, landscaping will proceed.

So there you have the latest progress report. Stay tuned for news on the final phase!


  1. I would love to switch to a tankless water heating system. I'm so sick of going in my basement and seeing that huge tank sitting there right in the middle of the basement.

  2. i love it--- hope this next month flies by for you---
    happy tuesday -

  3. Things are moving right along even if some things did get pushed back a bit. Of the things that you've shown us, I'm most excited about the tankless hot water heater. I really want to know how you like it once you're using it every day.

  4. We LOVE our tankless system!! I keep it at 125dgrs and it works Great! You'll have to let the water run a bit to heat up(full force) but after that, you and Marty can take a nice LONG hot shower!!Hahaa...
    And you're Still a little tease! I want to see the ceiling in the greatroom...now!Hahaaa

  5. It's coming right along and I know you're both so excited!! I can't wait for more pictures of your back porch. I do so Heart that room.

  6. I love the light fixture... I'll stop back again to see the progress... good luck I hope the end date is really next month and it goes fast for you.

    I told you I would stop by... hope to see you again on my blog..

    Linda from Cooking Tip of the Day

  7. Hi Donna,
    Your cottage is coming right along! So happy for you! Can't wait to see it all done.
    I LOVED your comment about my granddaughter...*quick..take out her batteries!! What a hoot!!!!

  8. Hello! I'm finally visiting your blog, after seeing your cute Icon, commenting on lots of blogs I read. Actually, seeing your post listed on 'The Restless Patriot' is what finally prompted me to come visit. :-) It's always super to come across another citizen of our Dear Country, who feels about it, as I do. [That we are in terrible danger, at the moment, with the party in power]

    So here I am and what do I find, as well? That you are building a new cottage! Oh my! Be still my heart! How I wish we were doing that.

    But since we seem stuck in the same home [2 stories and too big now] we raised our family in, I still can enjoy the story of your cottage building. :-)

    So Hi to you, and I'll be back.

    Gentle hugs...

  9. I moderate my Comments too! I think it's best. And thank you for not making us do the *dreaded* Word Verification too, though. :-)

  10. Is so amazing to watch a dream become a reality! All the little pieces of the puzzle fitting so snuggly and they one day you walk into your home. Look forward to the 'moving in' photos!

  11. sounds like you will have an enchanted cottage!

  12. Wow - things are moving fast now!! So excited for you both, Donna. :)


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