April 25, 2010

Spring - Keep Us Here

springtime window at Colonial Williamsburg

Oh, give us pleasure in the flowers to-day;
And give us not to think so far away
As the uncertain harvest; keep us here
All simply in the springing of the year.

(excerpt from A Prayer in Spring by Robert Frost)


  1. Yes, indeed. As the Word says, Take no thought for tomorrow, for tomorrow has it's own worries.
    I will take no thought for what the harvest may or may not bring, but simply enjoy the season I am in.

  2. Isn't This pretty!! Says Spring doesn't it?!!
    Happy night friend!

  3. So pretty, Donna. I hope you've had a wonderful day. :)

  4. Donna, thanks for the tip on where to find the Paris postmark rubber stamp!

    Love the Williamsburg photo you doctored up!


  5. It certainly can be a pleasant season. I do love Robert Frost...

  6. That is just lovely and what a wonderful image to go with it.

  7. Robert said things so gracefully.
    Happy Monday Miz Donna!

  8. Beautiful picture, beautiful verse!

  9. That's a beautiful picture. Love the colours!

    I was checking to see if I win the vase. No luck. :P

  10. hmmmmm. i could really take this as permission to blow off my responsibilities and go fishin. :))
    don't you think so? it is a nice day. i did already pay a few bills, the rest can wait.
    thanks pal... i've worked hard for days-- how kind of Robert Frost to allow me to appreciate the great outdoors :))

    happy monday-

  11. i love this picture...it reminds me of what our house SHOULD look like...we even have a dogwood right in the backyard...i think i'll go and take a photo tomorrow and see what it looks like lol. Is this effect done in Photoshop?


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