May 20, 2010

Homebuilding - Almost Done

overall progress - May 19

It’s looking like a home now, huh?! The landscaping was done a couple of weeks ago. The gas line finally got installed, along with the gas meter. Sod was just put down yesterday, and the permanent mailbox post was set in concrete. You will also notice that the windows have been cleaned of the manufacturer’s labeling too. In fact, the whole place was cleaned last week. Punch list items are receiving attention this week. The last coat of polyurethane was put on the wood floors yesterday, hence the blue tape across the front door, LOL. The termite treatment posting is on a garage door. A county inspector visited earlier this week and is coming back tomorrow. It’s a happening kind of place right now with Builder Mike getting the final tasks accomplished.

wood corbel detail

One detail that you will notice is that wood corbels are now up in the eaves and also on the front porch pillars. It’s not easy putting up these big hunks of wood! A little boom extension buggy was required, with two carpenters in the boom bucket. Touches like these, along with the wood shutters, really give the exterior a craftsman’s style cottage flair.

While we were checking on progress last night, our new next door neighbors came over to chat. And they gave us this lovely pot of flowers to welcome us to our new home. Isn’t that the sweetest?! 

We have had a very busy week, getting utilities set up, making address change notifications, and packing up once again. Next week is our move! And then there will be about a month of unpacking, LOL. I will share more pictures in due time. As I noted in my previous post, blogging will not be a priority for a while. But I will post when I can or need a welcomed diversion from working! Hahaha!

I will be posting a couple of pictures in the photo challenge this Saturday. Be patient for me to moderate comments, however. We’re going to be a bit preoccupied this whole weekend.

Thank you for all of your good wishes!


  1. It looks absolutely beautiful. I can imagine how excited you must be for the final move.

  2. Oh my looks lovely
    am sure you can't wait to move in !!

  3. Oh It's gorgeous! I love the wood details! Very nice!
    And how sweet of your new neighbors to bring that nice pot of flowers over. Very cool!
    I can't wait to see more!

  4. Oh Donna! I am so happy for you! Your home is absolutely beautiful. How wonderful it will be to get settled in and begin unpacking.

  5. What Sweet neighbors!! That was really kind! The house looks Beautiful Donna...I Know you'll have a great and Busy time with the move.
    Don't you dare forget Marty in all the confusion!!Hahahaa

  6. Oh yes, I have the patience of Job...hahahahaha...

    It looks fantastic! God is in the details and my you've got lots of amazing ones. I called John in here to see it and we're both impressed.

    Oh yes...sounds as if your neighbors are truly neighborly. That's a good sign and a lovely gift.

    Take care, don't overdo. Definitely come play when you need a break!

  7. Just gorgeous! I know you cannot wait to move in!
    I would lay in bed at night, unable to sleep because I was so excited, and kept arranging furniture in my brain!!

    Stop by my blog tomorrow. Still working on the post... I am having a giveaway that you will want to enter!! Maybe a trip to Pigeon Forge is in your future :)

    xo, misha

  8. Beautiful! I'm so excited for you. :-)

    And I'm going to have such fun, being with you during this fun time, via reading your post entries. Thank you for giving me this!


  9. I tweaked out my minima layout with your tips. Thanks- Maybe I'll figure out a background one of these days too.

  10. Awesome! So very, very beautiful, Donna!

  11. Donna, No problem! You are entered :) Since you put up the giveaway on your sidebar, come back and leave a 2cd comment for another entry!

  12. Oh my what a beautiful house! It seems the time since they first started just flew by! I am looking forward to seeing the interior!

  13. Wow, Donna, you are almost there. And what lovely neighbors to greet you in that way. Just right for the Photo Challenge this week!!

    Thanks for your visit to my skies this week. Sorry you missed my flowers. I was going to put them up last night in readiness, but then I had a visitor. Visitors come first eh? Especially as it was my daughter in law, coming down to stay overnight before going on to a Worship Leadership conference today. Now she has left, there is time to do the post!

    Have a great time in your new home, Donna. And yes I do hope you get to come visit Australia someday...soon. Would love to meet you both! It is a great country, but a horrible long way to travel. With your knee problem, you probably should try to plan to stop in Hawaii on the way over. Shorten the legs (haha). I thought my traveling days were over earlier this week when I was diagnosed with another blood clot in my other leg! UGH. I could hardly walk then, but am getting around much better now. I think I must have pulled a muscle while swimming with my sister up in Cairns. But I don't think I will be able to travel for a while anyway. Hopefully my daughter and her little family in NYC may be setting their sights on heading home again, after all these years. Maybe. They keep saying! ;-)

    Sorry to be so wordy. Have fun.

  14. Donna, it's beautiful! And it's gray!!! I do love a craftsman style home!

  15. Your new home is absolutely gorgeous. I love the details and they add such character. Can't wait until you're moved in and settled a bit so we can have a tour. Our son and his wife are building a new home - I got a tour a couple of weeks ago and it's exciting to see the day-by-day changes happening. Thanks for sharing your home with us.

  16. Donna, your new home is so beautiful! What are you choosing for interior decor colors?
    The flowers are gorgeous as well! :)

  17. OMG-- sorry i haven't been around-- have you named it yet? !!!! :))
    even crime scene tape won't keep me away! we best start talkin about that tea on the porch-- ya reckon? :))

    CONGRATS! what a long hard wait -- and it almost over-- time to raise that beautiful baby now-- enjoy it with all your heart !!!


  18. Oh I love your new home! It has so many special touches to it!

  19. WOW to be finally in your new home!! Gorgeous I might add!!

  20. Amazing, Do you mind sharing the paint colors and where you got the wood corbels. We are currently building a house and I love your style. Thanks!

    1. The house color is Cromwell Grey by Pittsburg. I forget the name of the trim color. The house color is a warm-toned grey that has a slight green cast to it. It can magically appear to be various shades depending upon the quality of daylight and time of day. Since it is a warm tone, it goes well with brown brick. And it is light enough to offer contrast. The corbels were handmade by one of the finish carpenters. Best wishes in the building of your new home!


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