May 15, 2010

A Monumental Wait

One day your life will flash before your eyes.
Make sure it’s worth watching.
(Author Unknown)

Monument Valley, Utah – altered photo
with plug-in paint filter and applied texture

Fair warning! My posts may be a bit skimpy for the rest of this month. Our new Grey Havens cottage will soon be ready. It's been a long journey to get from Points A to B.

Point A started in late September 2006. Hubby retired earlier that year. I was planning to retire in late 2008. But a stressful work situation and a contentious management team helped me decide to accelerate that plan up a year. And we thought we would get a head start by putting our country cottage and acreage up for sale before my retirement. It was time to downsize and simplify. It was time to do more traveling, have fun with hobbies, and just plain enjoy life!

We spent several months getting the place ready. Then we put our rambling country cottage on the market. We started packing and putting boxes in storage. We were optimistic. We thought it would sell quickly. Wrong. Many folks loved it and wanted to buy it, but they couldn’t afford it or else had property of their own to sell.

I retired, grateful to be finally free from the daily working grind. We got very discouraged about the place not selling, but we kept our dreams alive. We took belongings out of storage and we proceeded to unpack. Garage sales and donations followed. We found a place where we wanted to build and put down a deposit on a lot. We said goodbye to our first realtor and hired a tag-team of two realtors who understood marketing. Patience finally paid off. This past November, we turned over the keys of our former Grey Havens to a young couple. Work got underway in December for our new cottage. Construction is now winding down. Hello, Point B!

There were many positive outcomes during our monumental waiting period. I got a renewed interest in photography, thanks to the digital revolution and the gift of time. I also started this blog, which further pushed me to sharpen my picture taking and photo editing skills. We’ll soon be moving and unpacking a mountain of boxes. Mentally, we’re already counting the days until our grizzly and polar bear wilderness trips later on this year.

And so the next chapter begins…

Monument Valley, Utah


  1. I'll be anxiously awaiting your wonderful news, once you've settled in. what a long process for you, I'm sure it will be worth the wait.

  2. Gosh and I do hope that you have good help with the moving and all that it entails. Thank you for more of the background story. I find it refreshing that you both actually planned for retirement. So few of us do. Oh yes! That polar bear trip to Canada... Yup, lots and lots of adventures in your future! Don't worry about being scarce, we'll know where you are.

  3. Dear Donna, I'm so glad that you have achieved so much! And soon you will be moving to your new home! And I'm glad that you will share all your future adventures with us!
    Have a good time!

  4. Man! What a journey. We may have a buyer for our house and it's all the unknown loose ends that drive me crazy. I won't go into detail now but I may need your expertise later! LOL!

  5. Aw, Donna! You're so sweet to let us join you on this new journey. I'm very happy for both of you, and can't wait til "we" move into the new cottage. :)

  6. Love the photos Donna! And Thanks for letting us all take this little trip with you!!
    Can't wait for "inside" photos!!Hahaa

  7. well, good for you !!! great post- full of changes and new adventures. via con dios my friend. all the best as you both move forward on your journey.

    i am anxious to see photos of all that is coming your way-- the bears- the home-

    and maybe even sippin tea on your porch soon :))

    have a happy day -- and don't feel pressured to post -- we'll all be here when life settles down.


  8. It all sounds wonderful and like it was well worth the wait!
    Life often throws in some funny twists and turns.

  9. I am so happy for you two!!! I can't wait to see the new cottage all finished and you sitting on the porch in your rocker!

  10. so excited for this part of the fun to establish and decorate and make your new house a home!!!! have fun and be safe!

  11. Donna I am so pleased that I have got to know you through this whole journey...I can't wait to see the finished house and your decorating in it. It is so exciting. I am also please that you have the love of photography...if it wasn't for you....I wouldn't be in business now. Thank you again and again and again. xxxxxx

  12. How exciting!! And what an exciting start to a new future!! Can't wait to see those photos!!


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