June 9, 2010

A Bit Weary...

I hope that you like this altered photo of one of my sweet horse neighbors. Doesn’t she look a bit weary? I am feeling weary myself these days, and my coat isn’t brushed and shiny either, LOL. We’re in the tired and confused period of time after a house move, when reality interrupts the joys of a new place.

I’m sorry that I am not blogging much these days, but the days keep getting filled up with unpacking and settling activities. We’re at the point where we need to arrange our various art and antique treasures, and it has been a bit maddening with a smaller space and less furniture. It’s like moving pieces on a giant puzzle without benefit of the picture on the box! Slowly, so very slowly, we’re getting there.

Do we have more unpacking to do? Yes! (Sigh.) There are dozens of boxes that we will need to tackle yet when we work our way up to the storage room. Most of those items will be offered in garage sales. I also haven’t touched my studio room yet. I think that will end up being my last priority.

A few punch list items got addressed last week and some remain on our punch list. Builder Mike plans to get everything done by the end of next week. Various workers are being scheduled to get the remaining tasks done.

On a happy note, the grass got mowed and trimmed today. And we were observers rather than participants! Three cheers for that! We bought a few flowers yesterday while on a major shopping excursion. I already planted some petunias out by the mailbox this morning. I couldn’t stand the little bed around the box being bare any longer!

Hubby also hung our first picture on a wall this morning. It is a glorious primitive painting of a country scene that we got about 25 years ago in New Hampshire. It now resides over the door that goes to our screened-in porch, right off of our kitchen. Let’s see, we only have about 100+ more pictures to go! Ha!

We spotted a very plump raccoon in the front and back yards during the past week. It likes to dumpster dive in the construction roll-offs, looking for snacks. And on Monday, we had a deer go through the woods in our backyard while we were having lunch! It was happily dining on young leaves. I made a mad dash to the camera and was able to snap a few photos before it wandered off into the brush.

I’m starting to go through my pictures of the kitchen so that I can post those soon. It’s just a little wait longer for you!


  1. Wildlife and everything! I would not have been able to capture more than the rustling of the grasses as the deer scampered off into the woods. Well done!

    Oh it's got to be crazy times and you must be writing priority lists. One day at a time and only as much of the day as you wish to devote to it. I have found that once the first picture is hung, things tend to move right along.

    All the best!

  2. Sounds like things are hectic and you could use a good long rest. One of these days it'll all be done and you can simply relax and enjoy

  3. Wonderful Shots Donna!!! How neat to catch the deer! You're Quick!Hahaaa
    Can't wait for the "house" photos...I know they'll be great...

  4. Moving is such a lot of work, I know you'll be happy to get it behind you one of these days! I hope your deer doesn't like petunias! Lol! The picture of the horse is beautiful. Looks like a painting!

    Don't work too hard... give yourself lots of "putting your feet up" time!

  5. Moving is so tiresome.
    I have dozens of boxes 2 years after moving!!!
    How great to get deer and a racoon....We don't get either.
    Try and enjoy what you must get done....

  6. Wonderful photos, and all your hard work will pay off soon, you'll be able to sit back and relax.

  7. Busy busy times. Well I'll be joining you in the unpacking today and tomorrow and the next day. But I have the ease of putting everything back from where it came cause we didn't go anywhere! *sigh*
    Can't wait to see yours all decorated.

  8. I bet your getting anxious to get truly settled and we are so looking forward to the pictures!

  9. Moving is arduous. Take your time getting settled! Love the critter pics.

  10. It's perfectly natural to be a little weary in your situation. Lots of unusual things going on. Just plain so much, much, much to do.

    On top of which, you might be confused... Aren't you supposed to be on top of the world? Your dream come true and all that jazzzzz. Sorry but those I-Must-Be-Thrilled-At-All-Times-Now ideas just aren't human. :-)

    Please allow yourself time to stop a bit. Just sit and zone out maybe. Perhaps you'll come back to all your necessary activity, refreshed. Maybe? I hope so.

    Gentle hugs...

  11. heya pal..
    now i see why you were so chatty. i spose i was lucky to hear from you at all. thanks.
    i think it's awesome that you have deer in your yard. that would be somethin else.
    we do have a raccoon. i had no idea til a week or two ago -- hubby got a (blurry) photo of the booger eatin the outside cats food! i wondered how those darn cats were goin thru so much food. now i know.
    grrr. we're not only feedin every stray on the block -- but a racoon as well. hmm

    anyhow-- no hurry in unpacking-- that's why God made closets :))

    enjoy some time on that porch woman -- it's the weekend-- grill and have tea ... re-lax.
    you surely deserve it !


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