June 22, 2010

Stitches in Time

We’re still in the unpacking phase, but it is largely under control right now. We have both vehicles comfortably parked in the garage. Chaos is being replaced with order. Yeah! Opening up boxes, taped many months ago, has been the equivalent of an archeological dig. We also wrapped up many of our pictures with heavy brown kraft paper. So each unwrapping of a frame is like being reunited with an old friend.

I promised myself that I would get my office shelves decorated this past weekend with various treasures. Mission accomplished! To make the arrangements more interesting, I decided to include a few small frames, filled with my photographs or needlework. As I unwrapped the treasure shown above, I took notice of when I stitched it: 20 years ago this month. Little did I know then, what would transpire in those intervening years. Heavens, time sure has flown by!

This is an old sampler pattern (at least it’s old now!) by Sheepish Designs called “Meg’s Bunny”. It is stitched with cotton floss on linen fabric and mounted in a frame about 8 inches square. In researching the pattern, I discovered that I modified it a bit. That is not surprising, actually. Over the years I have changed many patterns a bit as I stitched them. I guess I like them a little bit unique! It’s rather funny to see my fondness for creatures like rabbits and birds goes back that far.

Did you notice the beautiful blue cloth underneath the sampler? It is a small table scarf, handwoven long ago by my mother-in-law. The pattern is called “wheel of time”. It takes great skill and patience to thread a loom and weave with very fine warp and weft threads in an overshot pattern like this. For many years, she was the head of the handweaving department at Berea College in Kentucky, and she was a professional weaver. So she knew her craft well! I would have loved to have met her, but she passed away about a decade before I met my sweet fella.

I thought you might like seeing a couple of our handmade treasures and knowing a little bit of their history. And thank you for indulging me as I reminisce!


  1. That's beautiful. I have very few things that I made 20 years ago and those I do have not stood the test of time well. Your mother in law was very talented that scarf is gorgeous.

  2. I was taken by the blue cloth right away. What a poignant story to go with it! And how appropriate its pride of place beneath your own stunning needlework. The bunneh is like gravy, baby! So cuuuute lookin' up at the goodies thataway! I know how wonderful it is to be settled (finally!) after a move, and to reunite with your treasures.

  3. Very much enjoyed seeing your needlework and the work of your mother-in-law. I know nothing about weaving, but it certainly looks like an intricate pattern. I'm sure that she would've loved meeting you, too. Oh the things you could talk about! Unpacking can be a lot like Christmas...keep on having fun with it.

  4. What wonderful memories, it is kinda nice re-discovering your favorite arts.

  5. How wondeful to have some Treasured items Out gracing your very gorgeous home.
    All things come to pass and the unpacking will too ....Eventually!:)

  6. So beautiful - both! You're a woman of many talents, my dear sweet Donna.

    I'm glad ya'll are getting settled; it must be such a relief. ((hugs))

  7. This is Really pretty! You had all that talent 20 Years ago?? Good Lord! I could barely crochet..Lolol
    Your MIL did an awsome job on that table clothe...Nice!
    Happy day sweetie!

  8. How nice! I have a couple of cross stitched pictures that I made many years ago before I lost interest in cross stitching. One commemorates 10 years of marriage, 23 years ago. I treasure them and hope my daughter will too!

  9. Beautiful treasures Miz Donna!

  10. Hi Donna, what beautiful stitchings you do! I enjoyed your reminiscing very much... and the composition of that photo is just marvelous.

    Sorry I've been so absent! Just lots of life craziness at this time. HUGS! I miss you!


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