June 26, 2010

A Sure Sign of Going Bonkers

Well, we’ve gotten a lot accomplished in the past year: major operation and rehabilitation; selling property; buying property; building a custom home; moving twice; a few little vacations. We finally hit the long-awaited “settling in” period. We’re healthy. We’re happy. Life is good.

And then I recently got a phone call from a former boss of mine (the really good one, not the really bad one).

Would I consider working part-time through the end of the year and help them out? Some long distance travel to their office would be required, but mostly I would work from home.

When you are not seeking work, but a nice opportunity lands in your lap, what do you do?

Well, I chuckled a bit, thought what the heck, and said yes. I guess it’s a sure sign of going bonkers! I’m chalking up this unexpected adventure up as a little surprise gift from heaven and figure that I am supposed to accept.

The bad news for you, my sweet blogging friends, is that I may not be posting and visiting quite as often. Sorry! But I’ll still be hanging around the blogging world as time permits, sharing stories and photographs in the day ahead.

And I start the consulting job on Monday…


  1. Well that is kinda sweet to have a job drop into your lap and really very affirming. All the best and I hope that you are able to eke out some time now and again for Blogland.

  2. I think it makes all the difference if you're doing it because you want to not because you have to. Best wishes and enjoy yourself. Look forward to any posts you have time for.

  3. Good luck with the new 'project.'


  4. It's obvious that he was a good boss, because you were a good employee. Take it easy, enjoy and we'll miss your frequent posts but ...

  5. How great for you!! Enjoy, and we're always here when you get a chance to join us. (((hugs)))

  6. Well, congrats on the opportunity. Hope you enjoy the consulting work. I bet you will. You really have had a busy year.

  7. You are just a glutton for punishment aren't you? LOL! Just kidding! I'm sure it's all going to work out just fine!
    Just keep us posted on everything and I still want to see inside pictures of the house. The whole house. Every nook and cranny!


  8. Wow!!! Fancy that eh?
    All your Blog Buddies will still be here,Real life comes first:)

  9. Bless your heart - don't worry about us. We'll just be tickled pink to see you when you get a chance to stop in and visit. Enjoy the new opportunity that came your way.

  10. I think it's Wonderful! Go for it and enjoy the extra income! Marty needs lots more carrots! And a new bed...a new hat...well, you get the picture!Hahaa..
    I've got my blogroll set to post current post first so I'll always know when you post!
    Enjoy and post when you can!

  11. enjoy!! nice to be needed!

  12. Just don't forget your fans when you have a little time on your hands. We'll be here. Have fun with it!!

  13. Good for you. Don't work too hard!

  14. Well what interesting and happy news. It has been quite a year for you, hasn't it.

    As I am still working and retirement is three years in the distance, I know blogging time can be difficult to come by but I'm sure you will squeeze it in now and them. Look forward to hearing a snippet or two from your on-going journey.

    Best Wishes and stay safe!

  15. It sounds like a crazy year to me. I admire you for just getting through it. Moving would be the death of me, let alone doing it twice. I can't imagine.

    Amazing with the job in the current market and with a boss you already know and like. How sweet is that! Good for you.

  16. there is never a dull moment in your life, i expect this is another peak to the many accomplishments you have made..congratulations!!..your boss knows a keeper when she sees one!

  17. Congrats! What kind of consulting do you do?


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