August 20, 2010

Dreaming of Fall

We’re itching for cooler temperatures and fall colors. This summer has been awful in terms of heat and humidity. Thank goodness we didn’t have to take care of the acreage this summer! Let the youngsters who bought our country homestead late last year do the honors! (hee, hee)

Our first vacation of the year is unusually late, but it will soon be here. We’ll certainly be enjoying cooler weather during our upcoming adventure in British Columbia! Remember the Seinfeld episode when Kramer announces that he’s going out to California? George asks him if he was really going. With a roll of his eyes and a fluttering finger point to his noggin, Kramer replies, “Up here, I’m already gone!” Yep, in my brain, I’m already there!

Now that August is wrapping up, I’ve been inspired to work on my new seasonal background and header for my blog. Above is a crop of a picture I took a couple of years ago at one of our local shorelines. And below is a modified image, thanks to a Topaz Simply filter in Photoshop. I’ll be loading up a new header soon that uses this spectacular fall scene.


  1. LOL I just posted the other day about not wanting summer to end. Your photo is gorgeous though and I do love the fall colors.

  2. Wow! That header will be completely beautiful. I knew that your vacation was coming this the one where you'll be visiting polar bears or is this the one where you'll be visiting the Olympic venues? I get confused, but I bet the weather will be more to your liking.

  3. You're already gone huh? LOL! And I love that picture. I'm sure you'll create a beautiful header!!!

  4. Oh I need abit of sunshine...Oue winter has been long wet and cold.
    I hate heat and humdity but abit warmer would be nice.

  5. It's gonna be a beaut! I'm aching for autumn too.

  6. wow, donna. just wow.

    love the seinfeld reference too.

    have fun.

    and thanks for visiting my weird and wonderful teacosies. glad you enjoyed them.


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