August 18, 2010

Waiting for Wheels

Never have more children than you have car windows.
~ Erma Bombeck ~

I would really, really, REALLY like to get my car. Yes. Really. It’s not here yet. It was supposed to be here on Monday. Now the salesman is saying this Saturday.

Hah-rump!  I’ll just have to amuse myself in the meantime…


  1. Hahaha,

    sorry bout the car, maybe they'll give you a discount?

  2. Cars are so hard to be without. May it be there Saturday if this guy knows what's good for him.

    Back to watch your video...

  3. What do they say about waiting? "A watched pot never boils"? ,-)

    As to my 2 melon pics... You commented; "Ah, are you playing a trick on us with the melon pictures? They are the same as far as clearness is concerned because they..."

    Someone told me that doing *something,* can mess with the looks of one's posted pics. At first, I thought she meant, the way I make my pics _show_ big. But maybe not. ???? She was trying to explain how she does her blogging now, with some other Blogger thing. ????

    Anyway, I tried the experiment. ,-) 'Cause I'm OC about how my blog "looks"!!!! -gigggles-

  4. Oh I too would hate being without my own set of wheels.
    Hope it arrives SAT!

  5. Well I guess she showed him! A watched pot never boils, does it Donna? You'll be on pins and needles till your new ride comes ... then you'll be thinking up excuses to run to the store! Can't wait 2c pics.

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  7. that commercial!
    Sorry you are Wheeless sweetie! I'll do a hoodoo dance for you!!

  8. And, I'll be REALLY glad when Britt and Patti get their new vehicles. Mine is running the roads a LOT!! LOL

    Good luck on getting yours. :)

  9. I missed somethin'. New car a-coming??? Yay!


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