September 28, 2010

Cooler Temperatures are Here!

Hooray for cooler temperatures! We saw the last of the 90+ degree weather last week (fingers crossed). It was a summer of record-breaking heat waves. We’re now saying hello to a cool front and getting some sweet relief.


Our belongings are still a bit unorganized, but I found this cute hooked rug just in time for a little fall decorating here at the cottage. I ordered it several years ago from a rug hooker in the northwest. It is now hanging up in the front hallway. I also found the fabric leaves and acorns made by a friend of mine, and those are now arranged in a cut glass bowl in my home office.


A week ago, we got a huge pot of yellow mums in a basket, and it is strategically located on the front porch, next to the steps. It was a bit late to shop for a fall wreath this past weekend, but we found a lovely swag to hang over the door instead. And it was so inexpensive that I couldn’t have made one for less.

Fall has finally arrived! And the stores are already stocking the shelves with Christmas decorations. Sheesh!


  1. I just love Fall decor! I made out like a bandit at Hobby Lobby last week. All Fall decor was 50% off. Whoopee!!!!!!!!!
    The swag is gorgeous :)

    We deserve beautiful Autumn weather after this horrid Summer, don't we?!
    xo, misha

  2. Don't you just love fall and its lovely decorations? I do. I'm burning my apple cinnamon and pumpkin candles, and dreaming of nights with the windows open! I do believe our 90+ weather is over too ... and high time! Love your hooked rug. Almost looks like seeds!

  3. Did you say....CHRISTMAS??Hahaaa....It's getting CLOSE! I Think OUR Christmas will be here in exactly 34 days though....'Ya Think??Hahaa
    LOVE the decorations Girl!

  4. -clapping hands-

    Oh I am so happy for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. -chuckle- You have a count down clock, to Election Day, Nov. 2, '10.

    ~Enough of us do feel, there must be change, yes?

    ~Enough of us will be sure to vote, yes? [Although most Conservatives vote anyway, but...]

    ~Enough do pay attention, yes?

    We keep comforting ourselves, with the above thoughts.

  6. Yea for cooler temps!! It's making me want to make a pot of chili and some cornbread! It's good sleeping weather too!

  7. I love all the fall decorations even if it does mean summer is over. I just wish the stores wouldn't rush it all through so fast. Fall needs more recognition if you ask me :)
    Your decorations are really nice, love that swag

  8. What a sweet little hooked rug! Yes, I noticed yesterday that all the stores have an odd assortment of autumn, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas all rolled into one.

  9. Love fall and all the decor that goes along with it!! Happy weekend. It is rainy and cold here in Michigan!

  10. and we are praying for the 90's!!! isn't it funny how different areas are! i hope some day that i live somewhere that the seasons for now i will enjoy yours!
    happy october!!!


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