October 2, 2010

October – A Look Ahead

October 2010 blog post picture

October is a welcomed sight! This summer has delivered us record heat and we’re delighted that cooler weather has prevailed in the past week. Fall decorations are popping up everywhere these days, and we’ve even done a bit of seasonal sprucing up around here, inside and out. The leaves in our area are getting a bit tired looking and should start changing soon. We’ve noticed that the squirrels in our backyard woods are working overtime, so they definitely know what time of year it is!

The work grind is getting old. I am planning my exit from the temporary job before too long. The money has been great, but I am not interested in the work itself. Most importantly, I can’t get out during the week with hubby or friends, or spend time doing projects that interest me.  I really miss full-time retirement.

On the home front, we have been frustrated with getting Builder Mike to take care of lingering punch list items. We sadly had to suspend our patience this past week because some issues have lingered long enough. The house will be in disarray this next week while needed work gets done, including the correction of numerous sheetrock pop-outs. We finally got our kitchen hood ventilation fixed today. It has not been working properly since day one, and a stuck flapper was the culprit. Golly, it only took about 10 minutes to fix it. And now hubby will be much more comfortable while he is cooking up his delicious meals! We’re keeping our fingers crossed that the subcontractor appointments are all met and items are crossed off the list. We dream of the day that there isn’t a punch list anymore! Then we can return to our usual, pleasant personalities!

One of our recent goals for ourselves is to get out and about more. We’ve been housebound most of the summer and cooler weather has finally arrived. It’s time to set ourselves loose! Last weekend, we went to a quaint apple festival at a nearby town and also visited a sorghum mill. Today, we went to a fall festival at a local historical property. Next weekend, we plan to go to an antique fair. We’re getting fresh air, having fun driving our new wheels, and we’re getting a little exercise.

Later on this month, we’ll be trekking northward once again, this time to the Manitoba Province of Canada. This will be our trip to see polar bears in the town of Churchill. So we’re getting excited about soon seeing and photographing more bears in the wild!

In the days ahead, I’ll be sharing more landscape and grizzly bear pictures from our British Columbia trip. I haven’t spare time lately to go through and process more photos through Photoshop, since I am working during the week and going out on little excursions. (I swear, the older I get, the faster time seems to slip away!) I have some really neat images yet to come, and you won’t want to miss them.


  1. Oh for sure you have to get back to fill time retirement! Sounds like a fun October!

  2. Working with contractors can be a nightmare my friend. I hope you get that list finished quickly.

    I can't wait to see more pictures from your trip.

    Finish up that job of yours so you can continue to live out your retirement and feed me eye candy all at the same time. LOL! Cause it really is all about me you know. Hee! Hee!
    Big Hugs to you my friend.

  3. Yay for the decision to return to full-time retirement. Life's too short to spend working at a job that isn't of much interest to you in the first place. I'm shocked that Mike has let you down. For so long I though that he was a dream!

  4. Life sounds very full and busy but good!
    How I wish I had a hubby that loved to be oven side!!!!
    Your home is beautiful and deserves to be just riht for you to enjoy.
    Our day today is the perfect weather day but soon enough we will be sweltering!

  5. I don't blame you one bit for going back into retirement. I would certainly do it if I could. Work just takes up too much time and you are so right about time going by faster as we get older.

  6. yippee for your up-coming plans! sounds wonderful, and relaxing.-- and FUN! retirement- full time, is truly a neccessity for you. knock out the punch list and get on with this great life list you've got goin. lookin forward to pix.
    miss ya buddy. where ya been?

  7. Glad you are listening to your inner voice, on many things. If only we all would do so!

    Gentle hugs...


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