October 10, 2010

Along for the Ride

In-between all the chaos going on at our cottage and the temporary job, I have been editing a series photographs that I took during our helicopter ride over Tweedsmuir Provincial Park. How do I even begin to describe this vast wilderness? I can’t. Only pictures will do. If a single word could sum it all up, it would be “breathtaking”. I have enjoyed more than 80 helicopter rides in my life, both for work and for pleasure. This ride ranks among the top of the list! And you will come along for a unique and unforgettable ride without ever leaving your computer chair. The helicopter will be coming in for you later on this week!

And did I mention that we have chaos going on here? Oh yes, and we’ll be continuing on the theme this week too. Builder Mike has listened to us vent our frustrations and the remaining punch list items are getting knocked out. Right now, the walls all look like they have a bad case of measles. The sheet rockers were here this past week and patched a multitude of nail pops and seams on walls and ceilings. The painters will be descending upon us tomorrow. Furniture, pictures frames, and accessories are all jumbled about, making room for the workers. The vent hood got fixed and other minor issues were also addressed last week.

Beginning tomorrow, we will also be having our driveway and walkway torn out and replaced. The walkway was a problem from the start because it was created from two separate loads of concrete and is a mismatch of colors. The driveway has a serious case of crazing (a multitude of surface cracks) as a result of improper curing. Thank goodness we are getting all of this taken care of before the winter season settles in.

We have been living an unsettled life for 4 years now, so we are anxious to get these remaining issues satisfactorily addressed. As much as we love journeys, we want this roller coaster ride of our living arrangements to end. Our sanity depends on it, LOL!

Meanwhile, activity in our neighborhood has been buzzing. A house next door (four lots over) is in the local parade of homes. It is a 3-weekend event, so there has been a lot of vehicle and foot traffic. But it is all worth it because we would love to have new neighbors!


  1. Holy smoke you are always so busy, and so adventurous. I've never been brave enough for a helicopter ride. My friend keeps trying to convince me, maybe someday. Thanks for taking us along...

  2. I've never been in a helicopter and you've been EIGHTY times? That's amazing! I can't wait to see those pics you took from the air at Tweedsmuir. And I hope all things on the home front are resolved to your satisfaction soonest!

  3. I've been on one helicopter ride and it was amazing. I'll have to remember to pop back in to see your pictures. Hope the dust settles at your place before the holidays hit!

  4. OMWord Girl!! Sounds like Builder Mike took a lot of Shortcuts!!!
    Not Acceptable!
    Love the helicoptor!

  5. I have never been on a helicoptor before. Too scared! That picture is stunning! Glad you are getting your house stuff taken care of finally!


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