November 26, 2010

Decking the Halls

polar greeting

No, we’re not out there among the crazy shoppers today. We’re decking the halls here at the cottage! It’s been an off-and-on project this entire week. We have two Christmas trees already up and decorated. Now we’re moving on to miscellaneous decorations. (Sorry, no pictures yet.)

It’s a bit of a jumble this year because we are now living in a much smaller house; many furniture pieces have been sold; and the floor plan is completely different. For example, we no longer have two fireplace mantels to decorate with our extensive Santa collection. We’ll just have to see what fits and where! And we don’t have room for 3 trees anymore, so there are a lot of ornaments left over. But abundance of decorations is a good thing (as Martha would say) and I’m not complaining! I just get to be choosier about what I truly love and will set out for us to enjoy during the season.

I’m redecorating my blog too, now that Thanksgiving is a wonderful memory. I’m rolling out a new custom blog background and header for the season! I did my own custom backgrounds this year, but now I am venturing into creating them out of my photographs.

Speaking of blog design, those who comment on my blog have noticed over the past month that I no longer moderate comments or require that dreadful word verification step. That’s because Blogger has successfully stopped all the nasty spam that was previously getting through. Their spam filter really works - hooray! So if you still have these comment settings, you might want to seriously consider changing them. As a bit of precaution, I still require that only registered users may comment.

Blogging has been a frenzy for me this month, but I know that everyone thoroughly enjoyed my vacation pictures. I’ve posted more this month than any other month in my blog’s 3-year history! My dear readers can expect me to now resume my normal publishing pace.

As you go about your shopping, wrapping, decorating, and other related tasks, I hope that you can find a happy balance by focusing more on the joys of the season rather than the work of the season! I’ll be telling myself this advice over and over again as I prepare and address our Christmas cards later on today!


  1. Love the Christmas look, Donna! I'm going to have to learn how you do the wallpaper...amazing! It is a busy time of the year. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving :)

  2. Pretty new blog look, which you are clever enough to do yourself!!!

    Yes, may we all "stay slow" enough, to enjoy. Rather than "make work" and get "frazzled." :-)

  3. Very pretty Christmas look! Wow! Two trees up and decorated...I'm impressed! To have choices is always good so I know that you'll come up with wonderful solutions. Looking forward to seeing a tree or two here and a Santa collection when you've figured it all out! Thank you, thank you, thank you for reminding readers that the new spam blocker really is doing its job. It gets better and better. The secret is really not to accept anonymous commenters.

  4. Darn...I'll have to wait 'til I get home to see your full, new blog design! I can't see beyond the borders with this 15inch monitor screen!

    THANK YOU!!!! For taking the W/verification OFF! I can't Stand it! Never have had much of a problem with spammers and Blogger Has whupped the problem. I hope more people take theirs off as well...

    Can't wait to see Tree photos!! Have a great day Donna!

  5. Love your blog's new look ... love that precious polar bear wearing Christmas trim ... love the cottage and can't wait to see pictures of it decked out for this most sacred of holidays with the possible exception of Easter ... love your excellent advice re: the savoring the joys of Christmas and resisting the pressures that bring anxiety ......... love YOU!

  6. Love the bear. lol

    The new blog design is great. Putting a new face on your blog is like moving the furniture's time to mix it up. :D

    Looking forward to seeing your decorations.

  7. i'm baaaaack ! i'm finally making my rounds -- sorry it took so darn long. just cuz i haven't been here doesn't mean i don't think of ya -- i hope you know that.
    i love that you took down the word verification and the moderation. you know i couldn't stand either. the new look is great -- and i am excited to read further and explore your bear pix and vacation stories! i have tons of catching up to do--
    i hope you had a terrific thanksgiving -- and i'm in awe of your pace at the christmas decorations ! i can't wait for pix!!!
    hugs to you !

  8. The new header is very pretty, and LOL at the bear!! Hunter and I put the tree up, and I best leave it alone; she would notice anything I changed. :)

  9. I love the new look and that polar bear picture is just so cute.
    I've been meaning to get rid of the word verification on my blog just keep forgetting to do it.
    I'm afraid the holiday decorating is going to have to wait until we finish with the painting project we have going on. Hopefully next weekend.

  10. love your new look! and i have been decorating up a storm too...can only stand to wait til the day after is on and joy is in the air!!!! look forward to seeing what you have been up to!
    joy to you!

  11. I'm Back to see the new background! Beautiful Blues!! Love this! Love how it all matches!
    And is so personal!
    Love Bear's new wreath!Hahaaa


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