November 29, 2010

On the Road Again…

OK, now I’ve got that Willie Nelson song singing in your head, and it’ll probably be there for the rest of the day, overstaying its welcome!

Later on this week, we’re hitting the road again for another journey! Yes, we just got back from one not too long ago. But time’s a wasting! For several years, we have wanted to take this particular trip and something always popped up and nixed our plans. No more! It’s time to pack the bags, format the digital photo cards, and load up the little red Outback with petrol. We’re going to skedaddle eastward for our last trip of 2010!

First stop is a little town called Seagrove in North Carolina. It’s located south of Greensboro and known as the self-proclaimed pottery capital of the world. We love folk art of all kinds, and handmade pottery is one of our favorites! We’ll be visiting just in time for their Christmas open house weekend at many artist studios.

Our next stop will be Colonial Williamsburg to see it decked out for Christmas. This destination is famous for their natural greenery decorations. We thoroughly enjoyed our spring 2009 visit here, and can’t wait to see the buildings in their holiday splendor.

Our final destination will be historical Mount Vernon, home of President George Washington. There are special activities available and the mansion will be fully decorated for Christmas. We visited there about a dozen years ago and look forward to our return.

All of these activities should get us firmly in the Christmas spirit! We’ll be taking our laptop with us, so I hope to load up a post or two while we are meandering through the North Carolina and Virginia.

And please let me know if Marty starts to misbehave! Santa will want a full report!


  1. Make Sure to bring back tons of photos! Can't wait to see Mt Vernon again...last saw it when I was 10! And, Not at Christmas time...
    PS- I thought you were Taking Marty With you?!!!

  2. Oh, take me with you - please? I can't wait to hear about your trip and see your photos. I love Williamsburg and have always wanted to see it decorated for Christmas - looking forward to seeing it through your eyes.

  3. Ohhh, Colonial Williamsburg and Mt. Vernon, done up for the Christmas holidays! Wonnnnnnderful!!!

  4. sounds like beautiful photos will be here on your return. that's a part of the country i haven't seen much of- especially this time of year-- so i am looking forward to seeing it.

    you make me want to go on a road trip! i thought this summer was gonna kill me dead with all the traveling.. but i feel ready, and have been wanting to go somewhere for a while. just nowhere in mind to go. we will be goin to visit hubby's family for christmas tho. that is always fun. minus the drive. ugh 12 hours in a vehicle. i will survive tho. i was going to fly- but after seein all the hooplah on TV, i decided to brave the ride with the fam.

    anyhow-- have fun on your journey.

  5. AH!~ I am awash in travel envy!

    Can't wait to see those pictures!

  6. OK I was just listening to that song this morning on my iPod! Weird! Have a safe and wonderful trip!

  7. You do know that Willie just got arrested again for pot, don't you? LOLOL Sorry, I couldn't help myself. You know I'm a she-devil in disguise. :)

    Have a wonderful trip; can't wait for you to get back and see your photo's. Love ya!!

  8. Oh I'd love to see Mt. Vernon all decked out for Christmas! Have great fun, you two. Perhaps I should call you "rolling stones" becasue you're certainly not gathering any moss.

  9. ... or "because" either way, right?

  10. Pottery capital of the world? I want to go :) And Colonial Williamsburg, I just love places like that. Have a great time and can't wait to see what fabulous photos you get

  11. Oh, have fun!!! Nothing better than Williamsburg at Christmas time! Take lots of pictures for me please!! I just love Christmas in Virginia (my home state!!).
    Blessing on your trip!

  12. I hope you have great trip and take lots of photos to share. Just got back from Rhode Island, and told hubby on the way home that Williamsburg is a place we HAVE to go during the holidays next year. Jealous of you now!Personally, I want to go to wherever that house is in your post. Where is that?

  13. You are in my neck of the woods! Greensboro is about 25 minutes from me. We always traveled through Seagrove to get to the beach and I never knew this! We were always in a hurry. I visited Williamsburg back in was about 98 degrees and I had a 4 year old LOL. Would be nice to go with adults :) Have a wonderful time and look forward to seeing it through your eyes hon :)


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