December 19, 2010

Grey Havens Christmas – Little Trees

bedroom feather tree closeup

This is our first Christmas at the new Grey Havens! To make it easier on ourselves as we stumble into our senior years, we downsized into a home this year that is 40% smaller than our former cottage. As a consequence, we have much less room for our accumulated Christmas decorations. Now, more than ever, it is nice to use small trees to tuck into cozy spaces.

Feather trees are one of our favorites. This cute one is decked with glittery pinecone-shaped glass ornaments and rests in a rustic holiday basket. I made a little wire topper for it years ago. This tree resides on a side table in our master bedroom.

master bedroom feather tree

A twin feather tree sits upon a large antique crock in the dining room. It is decorated primarily with miniature Hallmark ornaments. An old Fontanini angel sits near the apex and plays a mandolin.

dining room feather tree

A tiny artificial tree complements the snowman plate on the bakers rack in our great room. The addition of pinecones, red berries, and a Salvation Army bell (earned from our bell-ringing duties) make for an effortless display.

snoman plate

A diminutive bachelor’s chest used to be a side table, but it is now employed in our entry hall. A sturdy grapevine tree rests here, decorated with tiny greenery, red berries, and a gold ribbon topper.

grapevine tree

A primitive, handmade Marty rabbit faithfully watches over the kitchen activities from his perch on an antique jelly cupboard in the breakfast room. The tree here is similar to the feather trees but is made from silk-like threads in a delicious taupe color with a hint of gold. No decorations are ever necessary for this tree. More pinecones, greenery, and another Salvation Army bell complete the scene.

Marty and Christmas tree

I didn’t put out my extensive Santa collection this time - maybe next year when I have a bit more time and patience. But we were energetic enough to put out some other decorations and embellish two large Christmas trees. You’ll get a peek of those later on this week!


  1. I love all your trees. I think my favorite is the grapevine tree. You've done much more decorating than I have.

  2. I like the pinecone ornaments. They are really cute.

  3. Love all those small trees! I have begun collection miniature trees in the past few years and I love them! Thanks for sharing some of your beautiful decorations!

  4. It was fun to see all your trees tucked here and there. I know that it makes for a very festive feeling home and that is always good. Too bad about the Santas, but perhaps they'll only get out in odd years.

  5. Oh Donna They look so gorgeous!
    Especially love the grapevin one! So simple and stunning all in one!

  6. You know I LOVE them all. I always enjoy coming here, Donna and send you lots of love and hugs! :)

  7. I am thinking smaller trees is the way to go!!
    I LOVE what you have donw with yours Donna!

  8. What a lovely way, you have chosen to downsize! You are an example of how it can be great. And sweet too. :-) And banish thoughts of downsizing as ... Less. Or whatever the counter-thinking is.

    'Tis Yule Eve, and I wish you joy...

    Gentle Yule hugs...

  9. I love the idea..cute, simple and elegant...Christmas is not about what your home looks like, it’s about love and sharing.

    Merry Christmas

  10. Your decoration are simply lovely.

  11. You have such a gift and I love all of your pretties!

  12. looks like I need to get my ruler out! LOL! I love your little trees. One of these days we are going to make it up to where you live because I just know we'd have a bunch of fun.
    Your comments always make me laugh.
    Have a VERY Merry Christmas, just in case I don't make it back here before then.

  13. Awwww ... I can just SEE it! LOLOL wish I were there!

  14. I love the trees!!!! The coverlet on the table too!
    Merry Christmas

  15. Love, love this little tree and "donkey" person ..... love primitives at Christmas time...... they are so pure and sweet.

  16. Beautiful Donna! Downsizing can still be beautiful!


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