December 18, 2011


My hubby has been making considerable progress this past week at the rehabilitation facility. They are taking great care of him, and he has been fulfilling his part of by bargain by being exceptionally diligent with exercising. Within the past few days, he has been walking to and from the dining hall (about 100 yard from his room) and the therapy center. He is using a walker, of course, but it is a major stride from traversing the territory with a wheelchair conveyance. This week, he will get the staples removed and enjoy the company of visiting friends. 

I have been traveling over to the rehab facility to see Jim almost every day and joining him for either lunches or dinners. Yes, I am making progress as well by catching up on my sleep and making a dent in completing the backlog of household chores. I still have every intention of going around and taking photos of Christmas decorations scattered throughout the cottage. But a few selected photographs here and there may have to suffice this year. My plate is abundantly full. 

I hope that you enjoy this tenderhearted scene of an artisan’s vintage-style ornament, hanging from a weathered knob on our antique Jackson press. May the light be shining in your world too.


  1. It's a beautiful sunshiny day here in Florida! I am keeping your hubby in my prayers...sounds like he is doing his part to get well soon! Hugs to you my friend! ♥♥♥

  2. Glad your hubby is making progress. Progress is good.
    And I love your little teaser ornament. LOL!

  3. Glad your hubby is doing so great... It's terrible to have to have surgery this time of year... But--you two are making the best of it...I'm proud of you..

    Love the vintage ornament.

  4. Good News, I'm sure you're glad he's progressing. Love your antique ornament on your wonderful piece. Keep well.

  5. Happy to hear of the progress your husband is making and heading toward recovery.

    The ornament is lovely! Sending wishes for a Christmas filled with blessings!

  6. I'm here checking in to see that so much has been going on in your life of late. I'm so sorry to be this late in wishing your Hubby a quick and as painless as possible recovery from his surgery!! Merry Christmas and thank you so much for being my friend.

  7. Oh he's such a good patient! Getting going and doing those exercises are going to make all the difference for him and he knows it. He deserves a star!

    Don't worry about doing a lot for our benefit here. You focus on the things you must do for Jim and yourself.

    A blessed week to you both!

  8. Sweet photo!
    SO glad Jim is doing well and YOU are getting some much needed rest!
    Letting you know I purchased an IMAC desktop computer! I think I'm going to love it! SO much like the IPad and my Iphone!
    Happy day sweetie!

  9. Glad to hear your husband is doing so well.
    Cute ornament

  10. Wonderful news about Jim, and you for getting some rest! Prayers continue for you both. ((hugs))

  11. Merry Christmas to you and your Dear Hubby Jim AND to Marty!!!!


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