August 27, 2013

This Summer's Daylilies

My grand plans for doing more flower photography this summer went by the wayside. However, I managed to briefly inspire myself long enough to snap some photos of the beautiful flowerbeds along the front of our cottage. According to the file data, I took these photos on my birthday, about 8 weeks ago. Perhaps the tardiness in the image editing and posting is indicative of the current slump in my creative spirit, LOL.

Mother Nature has been overly exuberant in providing rainfall in our area this summer. In fact, we are on a record-breaking pace for yearly precipitation. The daylilies loved it so much that they showed their gratitude with an abundance of blooms. Their annual show is now over, but they were glorious while they lasted!

At our current Grey Havens cottage, we have a mere fraction of flowerbed space of our former place. But we are grateful that our yard work is very manageable. We can spend more time sitting in the rocking chairs on the front porch, instead of spending dozens of hours a week tending the garden spaces.

As you can see from the pictures, we like to put out little American flags for special patriotic holidays, like the 4th of July. We love our country, and we’re not shy about proclaiming it!

Marty, you little ruffian! What are you doing sneaking into my photo shoot? That rascally rabbit…

I hope you enjoyed my little garden tour. Better late than never!


  1. It looks like a beautiful spot. And as the weather starts to cool it is always nice to be reminded of the blooms of summer.

  2. Donna,
    Your daylilies are gorgeous. I am a daylily lover and ours were beautiful this year too...enjoyed your garden tour..
    Love, Mona

  3. Wonderful lilies Donna. Glad you did manage to get a good shot of them!

  4. Exquisite! Your garden is so pretty; your neighbors must love you. I have reached the point where smaller and manageable is best so I like the way you think. Hahaha...Marty photobombing is so cute! Much cuter than his cousin who is up here hanging out in the tall grass beside the garage.

  5. i enjoyed it, nonetheless! :)

    (the rabbit was just saying 'i'm late! i'm late! for a very important date!' :))

  6. Your yard is beautiful. In my home state we had had such record heat waves and water restrictions nobody's yards are looking good.

  7. Thanks for the tour Marty! It's all so beautiful! It's nice a have a burst of color all summer! Enjoy your day! do you need a hot for the mid day sun? heehee!

  8. Oh my goodness, Donna. Simply beautiful! I love your flower beds.

  9. They are beautiful, Donna! My daylilies were too but for some reason they bloomed early and didn't last for very long! I am pretty clueless when it comes to gardening, (among other things) so I have no idea why that happened. I enjoyed them while they lasted! And I do love your house!

  10. Your lilies are beautiful! I have a lot of yellow Day Lilies but I would like to add a few more colors. Perhaps that will be my next yard project! Loved your flags. I put mine out, too.

  11. Wonderful day lily photos, and I like that rascally Marty sneaking into a photo.
    In a creative slump? My dear, you have so much more on your mind these days. It's a season. It will pass. Be patient.

  12. I did enjoy the tour!
    Grey Havens gardens are glorious!
    I agree, it's so much more enjoyable
    to keep the garden a fun pastime.
    When it become a job the joy of gardening is lost.

  13. Very pretty garden space even the photo bomb by Marty!

  14. A lovely, lovely space, one of my favorite flowers. Mine were not very fruitful this year. But, I'll me moving them to a better location soon hopefully next years blooms will be fab.

  15. The lilies are so pretty. Marty obviously appreciates the beauty of your garden :)

  16. Wow your lilies put on quite a show this summer Donna. They look beautiful. Marty looks pretty cute peeking out there.

  17. Love seeing more of your cottage and especially your garden.. SOMEDAY --when we can't garden much anymore, we'll get a condo and have room for very few flowers.. Hope it's awhile before that time comes for us... But your Daylilies are gorgeous... AND--I love the flags. We keep a big flag flying here year-round.... Marty is a cutie.... I wish the rabbits around here were as nice as Marty is --and wouldn't eat our plants!!!!

  18. They are so pretty. We've had Amaryllis' blooming for about 4 months straight. They just keep popping up. I love it. But the rain has causes our front flower area to get WAY out of control.....with weeds. *sigh* It's just so hot none of us wants to get out there and pull em'.
    Thanks for showing us your beautiful flowers. Flowers ALWAYS make me happy.

  19. Very nice!!

  20. Hahahahaha!!! LOVE the shot of Marty! He always makes me laugh...
    Your yard is Gorgeous Donna!! QUIT that slumping! Just close your eyes and Believe! I Do!!


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