November 24, 2013

Wacky Gift Suggestions - Part 1

The madness of the Christmas shopping season has begun! There’s no need to join the unruly crowds and brave the crazy traffic at the shopping centers. Just stay in your warm robe and slippers, grab your credit/debit card, and shop online. I’ve put together a convenient list of wacky gifts that would please those family members and friends who possesses a high degree of quirkiness!

Here’s a gift for an electronics fanatic who likes to multi-task. Disinfectant not included.

There’s even a model for the junior set!

Marty had to get in on the act and pick an item for the list – a warm hat that would also be a hit at the office Christmas party!

Do you have a special person in your life that takes thriftiness to an art form? They really need this tube-wringer to get every last drop of toothpaste.

Pajamas are always a tradition for winter for gift giving, so why not make it a fun Star Trek set? The red set is for a starship captain, by the way.

For the sourpuss in your life, waxed pickle floss would be a perfect stocking stuffer.

It's amazing how many bacon-related gift items are offered nowadays. A bacon tie would make an especially memorable presentation.

Okay, if none of those gifts caught your interest, how about getting the kids some colorful animal tattoos? Teach them when they are young that disfiguring their bodies is fun! Oh yeah.

Stay tuned for more wacky gift suggestions tomorrow!


  1. I could see my husband like the dental floss. Keep 'em coming. I do a fair bit of shopping on line.

  2. goof ball! the pickle floss... ewww!

  3. These are so funny. Who thinks these things up? I could actually use one of those toothpaste tube wringers for my glue:-) Thanks for sharing.

  4. Okay... your kidding? you really did this? Donna are you okay?
    I'm laughing my you know what off!!!

  5. LOL, these do definitely make the wacky list. I think we actually had something like that gadget for the toothpaste when I was a kid.


  6. What a hoot - are they for real? I definitely know someone who would use the toothpaste wringer because he doesn't waste a thing - but it better not ever be seen in my bathroom!!!!

    Thanks for a good laugh Donna.
    Mary X

  7. Too funny! The iPad toilet roll holder is my favorite!

  8. OK I confess I want the iPad toilet paper holder!

  9. I think I'm in for the star trek sleeper!!!Hahaaaa

  10. Baaahahahaha that bacon tie made me laugh out loud. Also I should get Greg some pickle floss. Not because he's a sourpuss but because he's always rummaging around in the cabinets or fridge for pickle stackers to put on a sandwich.

  11. Jeff would buy that toothpaste thing for sure! He's got the talent of getting all the toothpaste out of the tube.


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