November 3, 2014

November - A Look Ahead

We were kept busy last month, it seems, in between activities around our cottage and medical appointments. We had the opportunity to make a few jaunts to see local sights and enjoy the fall season. We were grateful for those breaks.

As reported earlier, Mr. Jim had a paracentesis procedure to relieve fluid in his abdominal cavity. He is meeting with his oncologist tomorrow to decide where to go from here with further treatments. His pain levels have ramped up the past few weeks, but he has been eating well since the drainage.

We don’t make too many plans around here anymore. We keep our schedule adaptable. However, we decided to throw caution to the wind and make Thanksgiving reservations for the Biltmore Inn in Asheville. We would appreciate your prayers that we will be able to go and not have to cancel. Mr. Jim is even considering the postponement of any chemotherapy until after that week so that he can enjoy the trip better. 

We also plan to attend a local St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital luncheon next week. It is being held for legacy donors in this geographic region. We are looking forward to the luncheon’s various speakers, including two families that benefited from St. Jude medical interventions. We were delighted when the Area’s Philanthropic Advisor paid us a house call last week. She dropped off two of this year’s Christmas ornaments and stayed quite a while to chat with us. She is quite a sweetheart and a great cheerleader for St. Jude’s work.

Our new irrigation system was completed last month. The installation guys did a good job. We are holding off on winterization of the system until next week, in the hopes of encouraging some grass to grow in the repaired areas. We’re covering up the valve with an old wool blanket when the temperatures dip down to near or below freezing.

My right eye is the same as last month, a bit wonky in vision and swollen on the outside edge. The surgeon essentially had no answers. That’s how I healed and everybody heals differently. It is what it is. I can pursue surgery to try to straighten the eye, but that is something I can’t even begin to entertain at this point in time. Onward.

I never did venture into my studio room last month to attend to sewing chores. So those tasks remain on my to-do list.

We discovered last week that Mr. Jim’s 4-year old car would not start. It was going in for a recall notice repair, but we had to cancel the appointment at the last minute. How ironic is that? We think that it is an electrical problem. I can envision that we may have to arrange for it to be towed to the dealership. Ah, one more aggravation to toss willy-nilly onto the pile.

Published posts will continue to be skimpy this month. But, you can still expect “Photo of the Week” highlights and some images for A Personal Photo Challenge this coming weekend.

As always, I would be most grateful if you continue to keep Mr. Jim in your prayers.


  1. Thanksgiving at The Biltmore...I can certainly agree with that.

    So you're one of those people who heals you have that certain panache.

    The car's needing to be towed is another annoyance that one would rather not have to deal with. It really is always something.

    Hope that the weather moderates enough for the grass to grow.

  2. I'll keep you both in my prayers, too. Sweet hugs, Diane

  3. You both remain in my prayers and I'll say a few extras that your Thanksgiving plans work out.

  4. Thanksgiving at the Biltmore Inn sounds special and I know you will both be there and enjoy every minute!
    I guess as we get older, things like a wonky eye are what make us unique and add to our overall character. I'm sure we all have some age-related imperfection, I know I do.
    Hugs and prayers.

  5. I call that wonky stuff, my battle scars...I'll be keeping you both in my prayers and sending good thoughts that you will make that Biltmore trip! I have always wanted to go there...

  6. Prayer to you and Mr. Jim for wonderful November.

  7. Praying every day, Donna.
    And a special one for your Thanksgiving plans.

  8. I'm glad you made Thanksgiving plans. It sounds like a wonderful idea! You two are constantly in my prayers.

  9. Oh no - we are here in Asheville now and it would have been fabulous if we could have been here together! I wish we could come back for Thanksgiving……….

    Sorry you still have eye issues Donna - but hoping things will perhaps
    improve more with time.

    Big hugs from the NC mountains to you both - weather is fantastic, we have been blessed these past couple of days.
    Love, Mary

  10. Prayers for you and a wonderful Thanksgiving DATE....It all sounds wonderful to have dinner out and not have to cook and clean. :)

  11. Prayers said Donna and Jim...and Thanksgiving at the Biltmore will be wonderfull...and pray it can happen for you. We got down to 24 degrees here already...seems hard to say goodbye to the warmth of summer! Keeping you in my prayers..

  12. I pray with my heart you guys will be able to keep the reservation, and that you both enjoy the trip. xoxo

  13. First off, I love the designs that you create for your monthly you create them yourself? Your plans for Thanksgiving sound amazing...I do like Mr. Jim's attitude! Sometimes, we just need to enjoy the moment ...regardless! Keeping you both in my prayers and looking forward to the photo challenge!

    1. I'm glad you really like these monthly graphics. I have gotten hooked on creating these on my iPad with an app called Frax. I blogged about it earlier this summer and even presented a video that showcases some of the various designs I've made.

  14. Oh I do hope you can keep your plans for the Biltmore at Thanksgiving. Praying for that! FYI, my brother lost his battle last evening. We are devastated but also finding great comfort in the Lord. Blessings to you and Mr. Jim. Hugs. Pam

  15. I sincerely hope you are able to go to Asheville for your Thanksgiving plans. It sounds lovely! Seems when it rains it pours doesn't it?

  16. That's a wonderful design you created with Frax. Love the golden swirls. Keeping you and Mr. Jim in my prayers and I'll ask specifically that all go well for your trip to the Biltmore for Thanksgiving.

  17. I'm with Jim...postpone and GO! Wish you were close enough to us...I make a mean fruit salad!Hahaaa...
    Couldn't help myself...Hahaaa
    (((HUGS))) to you Both!

  18. Keeping you and Mr. Jim in my prayers. Thanksgiving at the Biltmore would be amazing and I pray you'll be able to enjoy this special holiday there ♥


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